MW Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638 – Fire Symbol Reborn

Old Xue could clearly feel that the newly reformed Heavenly Fire Symbol contained an even more terrifying strength!

Before this, Old Xue hadn’t discussed matters with Lin Ming so he didn’t know what revisions Lin Ming had done to this divine runic symbol. What he wanted was to experience a pleasant surprise during this test, thus Old Xue had agreed to test this completely unfamiliar Heavenly Fire Symbol.

Old Xue had originally seen the miraculous might of this Heavenly Fire Symbol and thought this was the change that Lin Ming had made. And that with such an abnormal increase in its strength, it was impossible to increase the number of times it could be used.

He never thought that Lin Ming could modify two aspects of the divine runic symbol; this was extremely abnormal!

The surrounding audience also saw the Heavenly Fire Symbol reform itself in Elder Xue’s hand. They weren’t able to respond for some time. In their eyes, a divine runic symbol was a one-time use item. As for the divine runic symbol in Elder Xue’s hand, it was just something that had a similar appearance.

For instance, there were some one-time use array discs. After these array discs were used they wouldn’t shatter but everything within would be destroyed, leaving it as nothing but an ornament.

As everyone was thinking this, from high up in the sky, that Golden Phoenix Crow could clearly feel the threat of the burning hot flames beneath it. It was different from those other vicious beasts; this Golden Phoenix Crow was a master in manipulating fire energy.

With a cry that refused to admit inferiority, the wings of the Golden Phoenix Crow erupted in flames as it went hurtling downwards.

Old Xue laughed. He poured his energy into the Heavenly Fire Symbol that had just experienced a nirvanic rebirth, quickly galvanizing the 2000 plus tiny runes!

In that moment, the divine runic symbol emitted a blinding light!

Beneath the stunned gaze of everyone, the already used Heavenly Fire Symbol evaporated once more in a hundred-foot high sea of raging flames!

Within these flames, there seemed to be a phoenix being reborn. Its body was surrounded by flames hot enough to melt divine gold, and with a resonant cry it swept towards that Golden Phoenix Crow.


The two divine birds formed from the extremes of the power of fire violently crashed into each other, both leaving a burning red tunnel in their wake.

A massive shockwave erupted out from where the two divine birds crashed and spread out through the world. In the aftermath, waves of flames struck the ground, creating tyrannical flame tornados like red dragons shooting to the heavens.

Finally, the collision between the Golden Phoenix Crow and the Heavenly Fire Symbol became increasingly intense, forming a sea of flames around them.

But at this time, in this desperate battle the Heavenly Fire Symbol was able to incredibly swallow the power of fire, growing larger and larger, becoming increasingly solid as it dripped lava from its body.

In the increasingly lopsided battle, the power of fire was being rapidly drained and annihilated from the Golden Phoenix Crow’s body…


With another loud explosion, the most dense power of fire around the Heavenly Fire Symbol formed into a flaming meteor that viciously smashed into the Golden Phoenix Crow.

The Golden Phoenix Crow was a fire-attribute vicious bird beast and yet at this moment a gaping hole was formed in its body. With a devastating cry it flapped its massive wings, whipping up a hurricane as it fled to the heavens.

As everyone saw this, all of them were left petrified. The Golden Phoenix Crow with strength comparable to a World King was actually severely wounded by a peak fifth grade Heavenly Fire Symbol!

In other words, this Heavenly Fire Symbol could threaten the life of a World King!

“The newly reborn Heavenly Fire Symbol can display a strength even greater than the first time!” Elder Xue was astonished. Although he had great hopes for Lin Ming’s Heavenly Fire Symbol, these hopes had now become a great surprise that far surpassed his imagination.

And in fact, when Lin Ming created these Heavenly Fire Symbols he had used Xiao Moxian’s nirvanic flames, joining the rules of a phoenix nirvana into the Heavenly Fire Symbol itself. After many rounds of experimentation, he had finally been successful!

A phoenix went through nine nirvanas, becoming more powerful after each one. Similarly, this Heavenly Fire Symbol would become stronger after every use! Of course, it was impossible for the increase in power to be as terrifying as that of a true phoenix’s nirvana.

For a time, the entire auction arena was left in utter silence. Everyone’s eyes were wide open and their throats twitched.

Completely forgetting the amazing fact that this peak fifth grade Heavenly Fire Symbol could severely wound a World King spirit bird, just the fact that it could be used at least two times was more than enough to leave everyone dumbfounded!

Moreover, the second use was even stronger than the first!

As everyone was at a loss for words, at this time the flames howled in the skies once more as they gathered together. Countless Asura Heavenly Dao lines danced in the center of the flames. Within several breaths of time, these flames reformed into a divine runic symbol!

This divine runic symbol lightly fell into Elder Xue’s hand.

“What!? It fused back again!?”

“There’s even a third time!!”

The bidders present were all greatly experienced individuals. But yet, today’s Heavenly Fire Symbol completely surpassed their comprehension, upending everything they knew.

This caused their minds to shake and to be left utterly speechless!

“This Heavenly Fire Symbol… how many times can it be used?”

Many people realized that if the Heavenly Fire Symbol could reform a third time, then perhaps it might even be able to reform a fourth or fifth time!

For a time, the eyes of everyone in the audience were focused on Lin Ming!

Elder Xue let out a heavy breath and said, “Hey brat, be honest with me, how many times can this Heavenly Fire Symbol be used? Don’t tell me that it's over ten or even dozens of times…”

Elder Xue joked. This Heavenly Fire Symbol was vastly different from the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol; the amount of energy consumed was far too great. If it were able to be used several times then that would truly be heaven-defying.

Lin Ming stood at the balcony of his room and chuckled, “Elder Xue, you’re being a bit too dramatic here, how could it possibly be used that many times? The Heavenly Fire Symbol I drew up contains the fires of a phoenix nirvana. My original intention was to copy the nirvana of a phoenix and have it be reborn nine times in a sea of flames! However, it’s a pity that my skills are too crude so I was only able to reach six or seven times in the end. If someone who doesn’t understand the divine runic arts were to use this divine runic symbol then they might not even be able to use it six or seven times but only five times. And, according to the user’s cultivation, every one or two times they use it they must resupply it with energy.”

Lin Ming shook his head, as if he were feeling regretful he couldn’t perfectly fuse the rules of a phoenix’s nine nirvanas into the Heavenly Fire Symbol.

However, Lin Ming’s regretful tone and motions left everyone speechless. If this was called crude skills then how could anyone still live?

“Smelly brat, you calling your own skills crude is the same as slapping me in the face!” Old Xue mockingly scolded. Seeing Lin Ming awkwardly cough and about to apologize, Old Xue waved his hands and said, “It’s fine, I don’t need you to pretend to apologize. Speak honestly. This Heavenly Fire Symbol, after being used, will it be stronger the next time?”

Let alone Old Xue, everyone in the audience realized this point.

Everyone’s ears pricked up as they leaned forwards to listen to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming nodded. “Yes, just like a phoenix going through their nirvana, every time the symbol is reborn it will be stronger. At the last use, the Heavenly Fire Symbol’s potency will increase just less than 30%. This is enough to cause severe wounds to a World King but a Great World King won’t be threatened at all.”

Lin Ming had only produced a peak fifth grade divine runic symbol. In order to severely wound a Great World King, that would require a peak sixth grade divine runic symbol. With Lin Ming’s current strength, he was still far from being able to contend with a Great World King.

After listening to Lin Ming explain all the different characteristics of the Heavenly Fire Symbol, the entire arena was left silent except for the occasional gulp.

Even Song Wen who had seen countless treasures before was shocked. He looked towards Lin Ming with respect in his eyes. With his status and age, he had never looked towards a junior with these eyes before.

“Junior-apprentice Sister… I was a fool. Looking at the might of this Heavenly Fire Symbol it would have been well worth it to lend Lin Ming a billion points! My mouth was too greedy!” Suya’s senior-apprentice brother gripped his fists as he recovered from his daze.

If he hadn’t prevented Suya from lending a billion points just now then he would have gained a massive advantage from that investment.

In the end, the whole lending scene had been nothing but an act. Although Lin Ming hadn’t lost anything, it was not the same as honestly placing his bet on Lin Ming. As Suya’s senior-apprentice brother thought of this, he regretted his decision until his intestines turned blue. A rare opportunity was placed right in front of them and yet he had been unable to take hold of it. From this moment on, it was likely that Lin Ming would rely on the fame of this Heavenly Fire Symbol to become even more famous. At that time, wanting to win him over would be vastly more difficult.

“It’s no problem. Although it was only an act, Lin Ming promised he would help me.” Suya faintly smiled, not blaming her senior-apprentice brother. Her senior-apprentice brother’s reaction had been perfectly rational and was the way things should normally have been done.

As some rejoiced, others despaired. In another VIP suite, Duke Fullmoon and Shadow Overflow’s two faces were as black as the bottom of a pot!

They were waiting to see Lin Ming make a joke of himself, but the end was that he had created a miracle!

The power of this Heavenly Fire Symbol was countless times greater than the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol!

“This sort of divine runic symbol, how could it be transformed to such a degree!?” Duke Fullmoon gnashed his teeth. Beside him, Shadow Overflow remained silent. What was there to say? Anything he said right now would be nothing but an incoherent mass. In the Asura Road world, there was actually a fifth grade divine runic symbol that was able to stir up so much attention; this far surpassed his imagination.

From just the power alone, this fifth grade divine runic symbol surpassed the strength of a general sixth grade divine runic symbol!

This Lin Ming was truly a monstrously talented freak of the divine runic arts!

After the entire auction hall arena fell silent for half an incense stick of time, many people began to develop greedy thoughts. All of them were waiting for the auction of the divine runic symbols to begin!

It had to be known that if a fifth grade divine runic symbol had the strength of a medium sixth grade divine runic symbol, then its strength far surpassed that of a sixth grade divine runic symbol!

A general sixth grade divine runic symbol required one to be at least a half-step World King to use. And in order to display its full strength, one would need to be a true World King.

But a peak fifth grade divine runic symbol was different. A peak Holy Lord could display its strongest might!

In other words, this sort of divine runic symbol would give a peak Holy Lord powerhouse the capital to survive in the face of a World King!

If an enemy possessed a power that was able to severely wound someone, then even if that power could only be used once in a short period of time, that person would have to carefully weigh whether it was worth it to continue attacking.

This difference in the restrictions for the Heavenly Fire Symbol caused its value to rise several times over!


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