MW Chapter 1638

Chapter 1638 – Fire Symbol Reborn

Old Xue could clearly feel that the newly reformed Heavenly Fire Symbol contained an even more terrifying strength!

Before this, Old Xue hadn’t discussed matters with Lin Ming so he didn’t know what revisions Lin Ming had done to this divine runic symbol. What he wanted was to experience a pleasant surprise during this test, thus Old Xue had agreed to test this completely unfamiliar Heavenly Fire Symbol.

Old Xue had originally seen the miraculous might of this Heavenly Fire Symbol and thought this was the change that Lin Ming had made. And that with such an abnormal increase in its strength, it was impossible to increase the number of times it could be used.

He never thought that Lin Ming could modify two aspects of the divine runic symbol; this was extremely abnormal!

The surrounding audience also saw the Heavenly Fire Symbol reform itself in Elder Xue’s hand. They weren’t able to respond for some time. In their eyes, a divine runic symbol was a one-time use item. As for the divine runic symbol in Elder Xue’s hand, it was just something that had a similar appearance.

For instance, there were some one-time use array discs. After these array discs were used they wouldn’t shatter...

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