MW Chapter 1637

Chapter 1637 – Heavenly Fire Symbol

Old Xue’s appearance immediately attracted the gazes of everyone present.

“Who is that old man?” Most of the audience didn’t know who Old Xue was.

“He is Elder Xue of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, a sixth grade divine runic master.”

The reputation of a sixth grade divine runic master was irreproachable. To have a sixth grade divine runic master test a fifth grade divine runic symbol, this left everyone waiting for the results with wide eyes.

Although they didn’t know if these fifth grade divine runic symbols could sell for tens of millions of points, if Lin Ming had dared take them out in this auction then they should be spectacular.

At this point, Song Wen took out a soul crystal and placed it in the eye of the testing array formation. In that instant the brilliant light around the altar became even more blazing, shooting up into the world like a column of evanescent light, scattering out everywhere.

The auction arena was extremely broad, but after the array formation on the auction stage activated, the dazzling light covered the entire auction hall arena!

This was a titanic illusory magic array. Once it started, every person within the auction hall arena would fall into...

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