MW Chapter 1634

Chapter 1634 – 1.99 Billion

Lin Ming’s repeated requests and conditions caused even Song Wen to frown.

This was an extremely large transaction and many people were still unfamiliar with Lin Ming’s name. Even in the world of divine runic arts, Lin Ming wasn’t a widely known individual.

Outside of that, almost no one knew of him.

A junior that was less than a hundred years old and who only had a Divine Lord realm cultivation actually wanted to sell promissory notes in advance; just who would believe him?

Lin Ming simply didn’t have any credibility built up at all. In this situation, who would buy the empty promises of a junior for 700-800 million or even a billion points!

“Suya, did you hear him!? He wants to sell a few promissory notes, do you still believe him? How will he do that? It’s possible that the Divine Runic Masters Guild doesn’t even allow an ‘auction item’ like that on the auction stage. To sell promissory notes for a billion points, he is taking us all for fools!”

Suya’s senior-apprentice brother felt that Lin Ming had gone crazy.

However, Suya tried her best to show a calm expression. “So what if it’s a promissory note, did you forget that when Lin Ming requested to...

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