MW Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633 – Promissory Note

“Fifth grade divine runic symbols? Are you sure?”

Someone asked the fifth grade divine runic master who spoke with astonishment in their voice.

“Definitely.” The divine runic master stared back at the person ill-humoredly. “I have already been drawing up fifth grade divine runic symbols for over 5000 years, so how would I misread them?”

As the divine runic master spoke, many people saw the divine runic master badge on his chest. Although it wasn’t one issued by the Divine Runic Masters Guild, it still clearly identified him as a fifth grade divine runic master.

Originally, some people thought that the divine runic symbols Lin Ming took out were some top level inheritance he found somewhere, but they were actually so low level!

“He wants to sell fifth grade divine runic symbols on Divine Rune City’s auction stage? Is that boy playing jokes on us?”

“I think he might really be a ‘bid manipulator’ hired by the Divine Runic Masters Guild. He’s probably hired to wildly shout out prices and cause a ruckus to raise bids. This type of person will definitely be jailed by them later. I think that maybe even those 10 blood red jade slips might be fakes!”

If one didn’t understand the divine runic arts, it would be hard to judge...

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