MW Chapter 1632

Chapter 1632 – Insane?

In order to take revenge against Lin Ming, Duke Fullmoon was willing to do anything. Although he didn’t specifically state who he was being a proxy bid manipulator for, the meaning behind his words was clear enough.

These actions were done so that the Divine Runic Masters Guild wouldn’t favor Lin Ming and protect him. After all, making a request to investigate the wealth of a person was impolite. That was their personal privacy and Lin Ming had the right to refuse.

Now that Duke Fullmoon suddenly threw out these words, everyone began to ramble on in chaos.

‘Bid manipulator’. This was an extremely sensitive term to an auction house!

Now that Duke Fullmoon said it loudly to everyone in the arena, how could there not be a massive uproar?

On the auction stage, Song Wen’s face immediately darkened. Although he could throw out Duke Fullmoon using the excuse that he was disturbing the auction, this action would inevitably influence the auction itself!

The audience would think that the Divine Runic Masters Guild was doing this from a guilty conscience!

This placed Song Wen in a conundrum.

The reason Song Wen fell into this embarrassing situation due to Duke Fullmoon’s words was...

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