MW Chapter 1631

Chapter 1631 – Lin Ming Strikes Back

1.21 billion was only 10 million higher than Duke Fullmoon’s bid. It seemed as if Lin Ming was making it clear that he was going to challenge Duke Fullmoon.

“Just what qualifications does this brat have to oppose me!?”

Duke Fullmoon frowned. He thought that Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to compete with him but Lin Ming actually shouted out such a price. “He shouldn’t have many points left. If he shouts out this bid then he must have placed himself in great debt! He wants to borrow money to compete; does he really think he can defeat me?”

Duke Fullmoon didn’t place Lin Ming’s bid in his heart because he didn’t consider Lin Ming to be a worthy opponent. If Lin Ming hadn’t bought the nameless ancient pill then he might not have been in trouble, but currently he was only a little grasshopper, able to hop a few times before being crushed.

“Hehe, he is just an idiot slapping himself in the face. My Duke should find it easy to clean...

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