MW Chapter 1630

Chapter 1630 – Violet Gold Spear

According to the rules of the auction, the deadline for payments was ten days after the end of the auction.

If one took the treasures but didn’t pay, one would receive the severe retribution of Divine Rune City. Punishments involved being imprisoned for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

Generally speaking, no one would do such a thing. This was because before entering the auction, one had to verify their identity with a status card. Those people with considerable status and weight in the world certainly wouldn’t do something so shameless.

“Then, onto the second auction item!”

Several elegantly-dressed women brought out a tall sandalwood box that was dozens of feet high. As Song Wen opened this box, everyone could see that it was a portable cave dwelling.

Lin Ming didn’t have any interest in this sort of thing; he already had Primordius Heavenly Palace.

The starting price of this cave dwelling was 20 million points. After the auction began, scattered bids arose from the audience. Finally, the one to win was a martial artist in an ordinary arena seat. This item was won with 35 million points.

After the cave dwelling, there were mystical treasures, contract...

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