Chapter 163 The Moment of Life and Death!.

Chapter 163 The Moment of Life and Death!.


Chapter 163 – The Moment of Life and Death!

Seeing this, Huo Gong grinned maniacally. If one’s cultivation wasn’t at the Xiantian realm, then they wouldn’t be able to fly. Let alone Lin Ming, even a peak Houtian realm master would die a horrible death if they fell from an altitude of thousands of feet!

This murder was just too easy!

Although he had already determined that Lin Ming would die, Huo Gong still rode the Heavenly Wind Eagle to chase him down. Firstly, he had to receive proof of Lin Ming’s death, and secondly he would take his possessions. Lin Ming had a spatial ring and the Heavy Profound Soft Spear on his body; how could he miss such a great fortune?

The speed at which Lin Ming was falling from the sky kept increasing. In a blink of an eye, Lin Ming had already fallen several dozens of feet!

As he frenziedly descended downwards, Lin Ming locked onto Huo Gong with his soul force. At this moment, he was filled with an incomparable calmness!

Against a martial arts master who was a half-step into the Houtian realm, even his Thunderfire Annihilation would be useless to defeat him. There would only be one chance to turn this defeat into victory!

This would be a midair battle with his life on the line!

“If you want to kill me, then I’ll drag you down with me!”

Lin Ming gripped the base of the Heavy Profound Soft Spear. The nine foot long spear began to emit a cold brightness on its spear point; its murderous intent was overflowing!

The crazily fluttering wind blew against him, Lin Ming began to fiercely revolve his true essence, and he brought forth a maddening amount.

“Concept of Wind – Golden Roc Shattering the Void!”

Lin Ming spread his arms wide. It was like an invisible and gentle force had been born underneath him, cradling Lin Ming in its grasp; his falling speed began to slow down!

When Lin Min had first comprehended the concept of wind within the Violent Wind Tunnel, it was possible for him to let his body pause in the air for a moment. Now as he sailed amidst the wind and his strength had sharply risen, he was even more like a fish in water!

Lin Ming clenched his teeth and his body suddenly rose up, flying directly towards Huo Gong!

Huo Gong experienced a frightening shock as he rode the Heavenly Wind Eagle. He had never even imagined that Lin Ming could use his own power to stay in the air!

How was this possible!?

Even if it was Ouyang Dihua who had personally tasted the speed of Lin Ming’s movements, he wouldn’t have thought this was possible. Lin Ming’s skill at movement had already reached the point of sailing in the wind!

In the minds of most, only a Xiantian realm martial artist with incomparably thick true essence could fly; this was common sense!

“Has this boy reached the Xiantian realm!?”

As soon as this thought flashed in Huo Gong’s mind, he instantly rejected it.

It was impossible. As Huo Gong remained dumbfounded by what was happening, Lin Ming had already rushed a hundred feet towards him. He gripped the Heavy Profound Soft Spear with both arms, and his body’s complete momentum came roaring out!

“Flood Dragon Goes to Sea!”

His spear shot out perpendicular to his arm. The keenly sharp true essence whistled as it tore through the air; the silver-white spear point was just like a blazing silver meteor that was rushing out!

Huo Gong suddenly recovered his composure. He pulled out his long saber and gave a fierce shout, his saber slashed out at Lin Ming’s Heavy Profound Soft Spear!

But at this moment, Lin Ming’s hand that was holding the spear lowered, and the spear point thrust past the saber and straight into the Heavenly Wind Eagle!

“This is bad!”

Huo Gong was taken aback. This was truly a rude awakening. Lin Ming’s target was not him, but his mount.

If he didn’t have his mount, he would fall almost a thousand feet and hit the ground before shattering into pieces!

“Just die!”

Huo Gong angrily shouted and his saber cut out at Lin Ming. The saber had been kindled with a pyroclastic flame. If Lin Ming kept stabbing out, then his flame essence would absolutely severely injure or even kill Lin Ming!

This was a fighting style that placed one’s life on the line. Let’s just see who is more willing to die!

At this moment, Lin Ming’s body flew backwards!

Huo Gong’s saber only cut air, but he was forced to draw back due to Lin Ming’s attack. As long as the Heavenly Wind Eagle was unharmed and they both reached the ground, then he would hold an overwhelming advantage.

But at this moment, another unthinkable scene took place. Although Lin Ming had retreated, the Heavy Profound Soft Spear in his hands suddenly stretched out. This was the skill of inscription – Astral Spear!

The several dozen feet long Astral Spear was like a snow-colored bolt of lightning that shot out. The supplementary skill of inscription of the ‘Astral’ inscription symbol was the ‘Astral Spear’. This ability was able to condense true essence into a part of the spear itself. As long as one’s true essence was powerful enough, the spear could infinitely extended!


The Astral Spear pierced through the Heavenly Wind Eagle’s body with no resistance, and cut through its heart and lungs!

Screech!!! ——-The Heavenly Wind Eagle issued a wailing scream, and its body suddenly lost balance as it tumbled downwards.

“True essence manifestation, Flow like Silk!”

Lin Ming did not give Huo Gong even the slightest chance to retaliate. The Heavy Profound Soft Spear in his hands began to violently shake, and vibrating true essence erupted from his spear as it began to realize into reality. More than 5000 true essence filaments formed into 5000 devilish flood dragons that broke into the Heavenly Wind Eagle’s body and tore apart all of its organs!


The entire body of the Heavenly Wind Eagle sprayed blood, and its entire body exploded in a sea of crimson as it died!

“You are courting death!”

Huo Gong’s eyes turned red with rage. He jumped up using the broken body of the Heavenly Wind Eagle and with the rebounding strength; he let out a scream and called another Heavenly Wind Eagle towards him.

How could Lin Ming not see through his intentions? He retracted his arms, raised another mass of true essence, and while pointing his long spear straight out, he thrust it at the second Heavenly Wind Eagle!

“Stop!” Huo Long cried out in increasing panic. If this Heavenly Wind Eagle were to die, then he would be finished!

“Red Lotus Purgatory!” Huo Gong gave a loud shout and his body erupted in a raging inferno. As he wielded his saber, the red lotus began to bloom and the sky darkened. It was as if this red lotus was swallowing all the light of the sun!

When Lin Ming had fought Zhu Yan, Zhu Yan had overdrawn his true essence in that final moment in order to use this move. But compared to Huo Gong now, whether it was his aura or deadliness of the flames, Zhu Yan’s move was far weaker in all aspects!

Seeing the burning hot red lotus fly straight at him, Lin Ming unfolded his arms as if here were a golden roc himself. Both feet moved in a straight manner, and his body was like a kite that flew off to the side.

This was an airborne step of Golden Roc Shattering the Void – Imperial Wind Roc Art. When Lin Ming had defeated Zhang Guanyu, he had combined the concept of wind with the ‘Foundation Movement Technique’. Although he hadn’t used any top-tier movement martial skill steps to win, that didn’t mean that Golden Roc Shattering the Void did not have its own unique steps!


The Red Lotus Purgatory slid past Lin Ming’s body. However, the energy contained within Huo Gong’s move was simply too excessive and formidable. Even though Lin Ming had evaded the Red Lotus Purgatory, he still felt the searing wind that was carried from the Red Lotus Purgatory. At that time, blood painfully surged within his body and his body was sent tumbling around.

Huo Gong took this opportunity to swing a whip, and the whip entangled itself around the last Heavenly Wind Eagle’s claws. Like this, his speed of descent slowed down.

As he tumbled around, Lin Ming saw this and felt anxious. He didn’t have much time left. They were now only a few hundred feet from the ground!

Lin Ming flicked his hand and the Heavy Profound Soft Spear was withdrawn back into the spatial ring. Now that he was 1200 jins lighter, Lin Ming’s body felt light like a swallow!

He raised his true essence again; Lin Ming stepped on air and moved straight towards the Heavenly Wind Eagle.

“F*ck off!”

Huo Gong gripped the whip, and with a tug of his strength, he swung up from it. His body flew up at an angle towards Lin Ming, and he chopped out with a sizzling saber to cut Lin Ming in half.

Huo Gong was truly a martial artist who was a half-step into the Houtian realm. Even if he was restricted in the air, he could still attack Lin Ming.


As Huo Gong struck out with his saber, it still contained an immensely powerful force to it. Lin Ming had already pulled out the Heavy Profound Soft Spear to block the attack. With Huo Gong’s body upside down, the billowing hot fire true essence burnt off his beard and all his hair!

Lin Ming flew backwards in the air again. He raised his true essence to push down the roiling blood within his chest. His eyes locked onto the Heavenly Wind Eagle. This distance was already past the limit that the Astral Spear could reach.

His attack range was too low!

Lin Ming clenched his teeth and drew out another weapon from his spatial ring. This weapon was another long spear!

This spear was 8 feet 8 inches long. The shaft was a dark purple and the tip was a deep red. This spear was one he hadn’t used in a long time – Penetrating Rainbow!


Lin Ming bellowed. His strength of 8000 jins erupted, and vibrating true essence rushed into the Penetrating Rainbow spear. He aimed at the Heavenly Wind Eagle, and shot out his spear!


The Penetrating Rainbow spear shattered the ear, sending out a screeching howl as if a sharp knife were scratching against ice. Listening to the horrifying sound, one could imagine the terrifying strength behind that spear!

At this point, Huo Gong had already used his saber, and his momentum had dried up. In the air, he simply had nowhere he could leverage. He could only helplessly watch as the spear was fired out dozens of feet towards the Heavenly Wind Eagle!

Although the Heavenly Wind Eagle was a third-level vicious beast, Lin Ming’s strength had recently arrived at an exceedingly potent level. Having just swallowed the 500 year old Blood Lingzhi, his vitality was like a burning stove. The Penetrating Rainbow spear that he threw out was nearly faster than the speed of sound; how could one possibly dodge it?


The Heavenly Wind Eagle was pierced like tofu by the Penetrating Rainbow spear!

Blood spewed forth a dozen feet into the air. The speed of the Penetrating Rainbow didn’t slow down; it passed through the Heavenly Wind Eagle and kept soaring out into the sky.

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Hu Gong issued a furious scream of anger. He seized the whip, and wanted to leverage it to cut towards Lin Ming again with his saber, but the Heavenly Wind Eagle had already died. Huo Gong had no strength to initiate an attack; how could he catch Lin Ming, who had already comprehended the concept of wind?

Huo Gong’s saber uselessly cut air as he rapidly plummeted downwards.

He was still 800 feet from the ground!

“Boy! I’ll remember you!”

Huo Gong gave off an angry roar as he fell faster and faster!

Lin Ming lifted his spear and pursued him. Although they were far from the ground, he didn’t know if this height was enough to kill a man who was a half-step into the Houtian realm.

“Since it’s like this, let me add to the fire.”

Lin Ming shook his Heavy Profound Soft Spear. Skill of inscription – Astral Spear!

The 100 foot Astral Spear formed. Lin Ming raised his arms and mercilessly thrust towards Huo Gong!


This level of attack could not injure Huo Gong. He lifted his saber to fend off the spear.

However, the moment he fended off the attack, Huo Gong’s body was like a ball which had been struck. His falling speed exploded!

“Ah ah ah, I will tear you into a million pieces!”

Huo Gong called out in anger. Lin Ming simply ignored him. He crazily poured true essence into the Heretical God Seed’s Flame Essence and Thunder Soul, brewing up and readying his own unique martial skill – Thunderbolt Annihilation.

Take advantage of the moment, and take his life!

He had already made up his mind. Even if Huo Gong were to die from this fall, he would not give a single inch of mercy; he would use his strongest move!

This Huo Gong was probably not much weaker than an ordinary Houtian realm martial artist. Facing such a powerful enemy, Lin Ming didn’t dare to hesitate at all.

However, just as Huo Gong was about to hit the ground, Lin Ming’s complexion changed. They were above a forest of the Southern Wilderness. In the moment that they fell into the forest, Huo Gong had flicked his whip and wrapped it around a branch of a thick tree.



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