Chapter 163 The Moment of Life and Death!.

Chapter 163 The Moment of Life and Death!.


Chapter 163 – The Moment of Life and Death!

Seeing this, Huo Gong grinned maniacally. If one’s cultivation wasn’t at the Xiantian realm, then they wouldn’t be able to fly. Let alone Lin Ming, even a peak Houtian realm master would die a horrible death if they fell from an altitude of thousands of feet!

This murder was just too easy!

Although he had already determined that Lin Ming would die, Huo Gong still rode the Heavenly Wind Eagle to chase him down. Firstly, he had to receive proof of Lin Ming’s death, and secondly he would take his possessions. Lin Ming had a spatial ring and the Heavy Profound Soft Spear on his body; how could he miss such a great fortune?

The speed at which Lin Ming was falling from the sky kept increasing. In a blink of an eye, Lin Ming had already fallen several dozens of feet!

As he frenziedly descended downwards, Lin Ming locked onto Huo Gong with his soul force. At this moment, he was filled with an incomparable calmness!

Against a martial arts master who was a half-step into the Houtian realm, even his Thunderfire Annihilation would be useless to defeat him. There would only be one chance to turn this defeat into victory!

This would be a midair battle with his life on the line!

“If you want to kill me, then I’ll...

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