MW Chapter 1629

Chapter 1629 – Ancient Pill In Hand

“Hehe… Duke Fullmoon has calculated well. If I’m not wrong then this Lin Ming needs the nameless ancient pill. He is a human as well as someone who dual cultivates body and energy; this ancient pill could be called perfectly suited for him. Because of that, it will be easy to ruin him!”

In the VIP suite, Shadow Overflow cackled. His laugh had a strangely eerie feel to it.

According to their information, Lin Ming’s wealth didn’t surpass 2 billion. If Lin Ming were to buy the ancient pill for over a billion then there wouldn’t be any threat from him later on.

“900 million!”

Lin Ming suddenly increased the bid by 50 million.

However, Duke Fullmoon didn’t stop here. He shouted out, “910 million!”

The two times he bid were only 10 million higher than Lin Ming’s bid price. It seemed that he intended to purposefully hinder him.

“950 million!” Lin Ming shouted out again.

“960 million!” In the VIP suite, Duke Fullmoon laughed out...

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