MW Chapter 1628

Chapter 1628 – Nameless Ancient Pill

In this auction, Duke Fullmoon not only represented himself, but also represented Divine Void Divine Kingdom to purchase resources.

Divine Void Divine Kingdom was far too large. Besides Divine Void, the True Divinity ruler of the nation, there were also seven Empyreans. These seven Empyreans each wielded power over a province of Divine Void Divine Kingdom. There were seven provinces, and these seven provinces added together comprised the complete Divine Void Divine Kingdom.

Duke Fullmoon came from the Nine Nether Province and he was a subordinate of Empyrean Nine Nether. Of these seven provinces, the Nine Nether Province was one of the strongest.

“Let’s see just what this first treasure is!”

Duke Fullmoon’s gaze focused on the obsidian box on the auction stage. He was also curious about what the opening treasure of this grand auction would be.

But at this time, Runic Pill Trading Organization President Song Wen didn’t immediately open the box. Instead, he used his rich and magnetic voice to introduce the origin of the treasure.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the treasure within this box was obtained from the Drifting Islands within the Stormy Sea. I’m sure everyone here is already familiar with the Stormy Sea and its...

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