MW Chapter 1627

Chapter 1627 – Grand Event

Glowing crystals paved the passageway. Their mystical luster lit up the path to the auction hall with a rainbow of colors, casting the world in enigmatic beauty.

The channel finally came to end. Three crystalline doors appeared in front of everyone, dividing it into three different directions.

Four golden-armored guards with black capes swung over their shoulders guarded the doors behind them.

Although their auras were restrained, Lin Ming could still feel the sea-deep energy of these four.

This aura… is a Holy Lord level character.

After realizing the strength of these four people Lin Ming couldn’t help but be amazed. This was the first time he had seen Holy Lord level characters guarding gates. Before now, the highest rank guards he had seen were at the Divine Lord realm.

From this, it could be seen how much the Divine Runic Masters Guild valued this auction.

As Lin Ming was in thought, a middle-aged man approached them and spoke with a pleasant tone. “Three guests, do you plan on entering the auction? Please show your identity cards. Moreover, there are three different tiers of seating available, each with different fees. Please pay the fees for the seating tier you choose and someone will arrive to escort you...

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