MW Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626 – Encounter

From Suya’s words, Lin Ming learned that this blue-clothed man’s title was Duke Fullmoon.

With the title ‘Duke Fullmoon’ in addition to the way Suya treated this man, it was clear that this person was a high level figure of some Divine Kingdom.

Generally speaking, large influences were separated into nation-type organizations and sect-type organizations.

In a sect, important figures would normally be titled Elders, Protectors, Highest Elders, and so forth. And in a Divine Kingdom, important figures were normally titled Dukes, High Princes, Imperial Scholars, and so forth.

There wasn’t much difference between these types of influences to begin with. Everything, including ranking and such, depended on the personal preferences of the founder.

Although this Duke Fullmoon was hiding his cultivation, Lin Ming could faintly feel that he had already reached the World King realm. Even if his cultivation wasn’t at the World King realm he likely already had the capital to contend with a World King.

If there was a powerhouse that could battle with a World King in this Divine Kingdom and he was only titled a Duke and not a High Prince, the power of this Divine Kingdom could be imagined!

A spiritas Divine...

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