MW Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623 – Target

“Compete with me for the Dragon Contract?” Lin Ming’s heart chilled. Although he appeared to remain calm, his mind was racing as he considered this blue-clothed man’s words.

“Their words and actions… seem to be targeting me, probing me…”

Lin Ming slyly smiled. Within the inner Asura Road, this sort of massive treasure fair that had all sorts of top quality pills, divine runic symbols and Empyrean spirit treasures for sale would attract influences from all over.

At this treasure fair, there were more Divine Lords than dogs, Holy Lords walked everywhere, and there were even a massive number World Kings. Even half-step Empyreans were hidden amongst the crowds. If one were to casually provoke someone, they might end up being someone with a powerful background.

The Dragon Contract refined with the jade dragon horn cost a minimum of 500 million points. This was not a price that the average person could put forth.

And this blue-clothed man and black-cloaked old man had come from nowhere and then signaled that they were going to compete with him for the Dragon Contract; it was clear that their origins were great!


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