MW Chapter 1622

Chapter 1622 – Suppressing Fullmoon

Seeing the black-cloaked old man and the blue-clothed man appear, Lin Ming had a sudden premonition that these people did not come here for the Thousand Mile Heartlink but for himself.

He quietly watched as the blue-clothed man who looked like an ordinary mortal scholar and the peculiar black-cloaked old man approached.

“Shopkeeper, I heard that you were selling that necklace for 30 million? I will add another 10 million, so how about selling it to me instead?”

As Duke Fullmoon spoke he glanced over at a captivating woman near him. “Junior-apprentice Sister Qing, your birthday is approaching so how about I make a gift of this necklace. If you wear it, I’m sure you’ll be even more beautiful…”

The young woman standing beside Duke Fullmoon was indeed a ravishing beauty, pleasing to the eyes.

Hearing Duke Fullmoon suddenly offer her such a precious gift, her heart skipped a beat. She found this hard to imagine. She was Duke Fullmoon’s lover, yes, but she wasn’t too special amongst his several other lovers. Duke Fullmoon had never given her anything so precious before.


This junior-apprentice sister Qing smiled, pleasantly...

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