MW Chapter 1621

Chapter 1621 – Jade Dragon Horn

With the young maid guiding them, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian arrived at the center of the flying castle’s VIP hall.

The ground here was formed from clear crystal glass. This sort of crystal had no impurities at all. If one didn’t reach out to touch it, it would be difficult to even tell it was there.

The crystal glass beneath was empty space. As one walked over the crystal they could see the skies from a hundred thousand feet up in the air. Looking down, one could see the incomparably vast Divine Rune City stretching to the horizon.

From this height, the massive palaces and temples of the city became as small as toys, and the people walking along the streets became smaller than ants.

Walking here, one felt as if they were walking over the entirety of Divine Rune City.

“Sir, the exhibition room over there is the display room for the Dragon Contract spirit treasure. If you wish to enter, you must abide by the trading rules!”

The young maid gave a jade slip to Lin Ming. The jade slip was engraved with the words ‘Treasure Fair Trading Rules’.

Lin Ming swept over the jade slip. There...

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