MW Chapter 1620

Chapter 1620 – Divine Void Duke

“Sir, may I ask how I can help you?”

After Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian entered the VIP hall, a beautiful maid welcomed them. The treatment within the VIP hall was completely different from the outside.

“I want a list of the treasures in the VIP hall.”

Lin Ming glanced at the maid. The maids in the VIP hall all wore uniforms and they had the emblem of the Runic Pill Trading Company embroidered on their chests.

Soon after, the maid handed a jade slip to Lin Ming. Just as Lin Ming was about to search through it, his heart chilled. In that moment he had felt someone’s sense pass swiftly and gently over him.

This sense was decidedly covert. If it wasn’t for Lin Ming’s powerful soul force then he wouldn’t have noticed it.

Lin Ming frowned. Just who was investigating him?

That brief sense just now was icy cold, as if it harbored dark intentions.

Lin Ming held the jade slip and quietly swept his sense outwards, probing the crowd in the hall. But, he wasn’t able to determine where this sense had come from.

This caused Lin Ming to be increasingly wary. This meant the person’s strength was even above his!

“If this person is so strong, could they be a Great World King?”

Lin Ming was left puzzled. He had lived in seclusion within the Blue Moon Sect for over 20 years, only studying the divine runic arts and alchemy. After he left he went to Divine Rune City where he painstakingly researched for over a year.

During this time period, Lin Ming didn’t think that he had provoked any enemies. As for his previous enemies, Tian Mingzi and Naqi had already been killed by him. As for Heaven’s Net, they shouldn’t have any reason to keep focusing on him after 20 years of not doing anything. Moreover, if they wanted to do anything to him they would have to heavily weigh the consequences.

Lin Ming felt that there shouldn’t be anyone focusing on him, so how come there was someone locking onto him as he was buying materials?

“Brother Lin, what is it?”

Xiao Moxian asked. She discovered that there was something unusual with Lin Ming.

“Nothing, there’s just someone snooping on me and their boundary is very high.” Lin Ming said, keeping an eye out for anyone strange, “But there’s no need to worry about this person. As long as we’re in Divine Rune City there’s nothing he can do against us. We just need to pay a little attention to this and we’ll be fine. This person will jump out on their own volition sooner or later.”

As Lin Ming spoke, his eyes brightened. Because of that unfriendly sense he hadn’t paid much attention to the jade slip. But now that he looked at it again, there were several things listed that caught his interest.

Among these items was a top spirit treasure called a Dragon Contract, and the material used to refine this spirit treasure was the jade dragon horn that Lin Ming needed!

“A hundred million year Jade Dragon and the blood marrow within the dragon horn is completely preserved, that’s extremely rare! Unfortunately it was already refined into a spirit treasure so it is far more expensive than the original materials. Even so, I must buy it. This type of rare and precious material can only be found through a stroke of fate.”

Lin Ming only wanted to take the jade dragon horn for alchemy. As for the spirit treasure, he would need to discard it no matter how good it was. It was truly a pity.

“It looks like the 2 billion contribution points I’ve gathered won’t be enough… there are many things on this list that I need. At that time, if I spend all my points on materials and miss out on all the other good things, that would be too unfortunate…”

Lin Ming made a quick calculation. The 2 billion points he gathered suddenly wasn’t enough.

He lacked too many contribution points!

“Xian’er, let’s see what quality that jade dragon horn is like.”

“Okay!” Xiao Moxian said. Like this, the two of them walked towards the exhibition of the Dragon Contract.

And as Lin Ming walked away, not too far from them there was a VIP rest room, covered with intricate array formations that isolated all sense.

The stylized floor was covered with fur rugs made from ancient vicious beasts. There was a tea table placed atop the rugs and this tea table was surrounded by several men and women, all of them slowly sipping tea.

A beautiful maid knelt on the rug, pouring tea for those present. Her tea skills were intricate and beautiful.

“I just bought some dark rain flower tea at this treasure fair. 100,000 points for one tael. Dark rain flowers can only be picked once every 10,000 years, and only after being cooked together with 72 different kinds of heavenly materials can this type of top grade dark rain flower tea be made. This tea is wonderful. The points spent weren’t wasted at all.”

The one who spoke was a blue-clothed man. He was dressed ordinarily and looked like a mortal scholar. His cultivation was obscured and it was difficult to see his depths.

And sitting beside him were several young men and women. These people all wore top grade vestments and golden crowns. Their foundations were solid and their looks were outstanding; it was clear they were elites among elites, and even so these people clearly looked towards the blue-clothed man with respect.

Around the tea table, besides the several young men and women, there was also an old man wrapped in a black cloak. His entire body exuded a grim atmosphere and he seemed profoundly mysterious.

“Old Shadow, what is it… you seemed to have something on your mind…” The blue-clothed man looked at the black-cloaked old man, smiling as he spoke. “This is wonderful tea, it will cool soon…”

“It’s nothing. I just saw someone I’m not too happy about…” The black-cloaked man grimly said. Although his face was cloaked in darkness, one could still see a pair of sharp eyes like those of an eagle.

As the black-cloaked old man spoke, the blue-clothed man’s eyebrows arched up. “What person could make Old Shadow be so unhappy?”

“Hehe…” The black-cloaked old man’s lips twitched and he dismally chuckled. “A young boy who came from who knows where, he was able to create a fourth grade divine runic symbol that could be used multiple times. It’s called the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol. Duke Fullmoon, you must have heard of this person already.”

“It’s Lin Ming?”

“Right, it’s him!” The black-cloaked old man said, not too willing to mention this name. This person called Duke Fullmoon began to laugh, “Old Shadow, it seems you’ve taken your defeat of copying the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol to heart. You can be called the number one master amongst dark divine runic masters, but the reason you failed can’t be blamed on yourself. I estimate that it must be an issue with the inheritance of this young man called Lin Ming...”

Duke Fullmoon candidly said. The black-cloaked old man sitting in front of him was Grandmaster Overflow, who had failed to copy the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol over half a year ago.

Grandmaster Overflow’s name was Shadow Overflow. It was just that very few people knew his name.

The treasure fair held by the Divine Runic Masters Guild was one of the grandest events of the inner Asura Road. As a dark divine runic master, Overflow naturally wouldn’t miss out on such festivities. He was also counting on this treasure fair to find some rare and precious materials as well as other treasures.

But, the reputation of a dark divine runic master was too sour to the ears. Many orthodox divine runic masters who considered themselves righteous were nearly unable to coexist with dark divine runic masters. As someone who lived in the dark world, if Shadow Overflow wanted to attend the treasure fair he could only hide his status.

“Inheritance…” Shadow Overflow’s eyes shined with a cold light. He had also thought of this point before.

Shadow Overflow’s feelings towards Lin Ming could be described as utter hate.

Although Lin Ming had never deliberately provoked Shadow Overflow, it was because of Lin Ming’s Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols that Shadow Overflow lost 200 million points in array discs! Not just that, but his reputation had suffered a massive blow!

Now, it had become known in the entire dark divine runic master community that Grandmaster Overflow had lost to a brat in the divine runic arts. This left him even more depressed.

And as representatives of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, those orthodox divine runic masters all viewed Shadow Overflow as a joke.

How could Shadow Overflow be happy with all of this? All of the unfortunate events that happened to him had been thanks to Lin Ming. Thus, even if Lin Ming hadn’t left the Divine Runic Masters Guild for over a year, he had still somehow managed to inexplicably make an enemy.

In these past several months, Shadow Overflow specifically gathered information related to Lin Ming. He was able to see Lin Ming’s appearance through a phantom image and thus was able to recognize him.

“Lin Ming… Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol…” Duke Fullmoon stirred his tea with the cup lid, his lips curving up in a grin.

Seeing Duke Fullmoon’s expression, Shadow Overflow’s thoughts stirred as he guessed something.

“Duke Fullmoon, have you taken a liking to Lin Ming’s inheritance?”

“Haha!” Duke Fullmoon laughed out loud. “That’s right, this young man called Lin Ming seems to have started studying the divine runic arts not too long ago. He should be in possession of a unique inheritance completely different from what is known today. And, I value this inheritance very much! If Lin Ming was able to improve the Havoc Flame Symbol, it must be because of this inheritance. Old Shadow had never come into contact with Lin Ming’s school of technique and thus didn’t understand his type of inheritance, so it’s natural for you to have failed.

“So, Old Shadow didn’t lose to a young man like Lin Ming, but to the mysterious inheritance behind him!”

As Duke Fullmoon said this, Shadow Overflow’s complexion became slightly better. After all, he didn’t believe that a junior like Lin Ming could surpass him in attainments of the divine runic arts. If he lost, it had to be because of this strange inheritance.

Duke Fullmoon said, “I suspect that this inheritance Lin Ming studies has a special method that allows divine runic symbols to be used repeatedly. But, Lin Ming has only managed to transform a Havoc Flame Symbol and the value of that isn’t too heaven-defying. No matter how strong a peak fourth grade divine runic symbol is, it is still a fourth grade divine runic symbol.

“For this inheritance to be left in Lin Ming’s hands is too great a waste. But if it were in my hands then I would be able to display its full abilities!”

As Duke Fullmoon spoke, his eyes shined with a dazzling light.

Shadow Overflow cackled, his heart moved to happiness. “Duke Fullmoon is indeed bold. I also wish to obtain this boy’s inheritance, but it seems there is a powerful master standing behind him, thus I haven’t dared to act rashly.”

Hearing this, Duke Fullmoon laughed dismissively, thinking little of it. “His master is just an Empyrean, right? Even a great influence like the Divine Runic Masters Guild or the Extreme Star Holy Lands wouldn’t dare to offend an Empyrean, but for my Divine Void Divine Kingdom, it’s just a little bit of trouble. It’s not considered much at all.”

Duke Fullmoon was fully confident in his words and he had the capital to be confident. Although his strength was only that of a World King, he had the backing of Divine Void Divine Kingdom. And, Divine Void Divine Kingdom was a True Divinity level influence!

In the past, the two greatest peak Empyreans of the spiritas were Divine Mist and Divine Void!

These two peak Empyreans were blood brothers, but afterwards, Divine Mist went missing and Divine Void stepped into the realm of True Divinity. From that point on, the myth of Divine Void Divine Kingdom was born!

Speaking to here, Duke Fullmoon stood up and said, “We’re leaving. Old Shadow, let’s go and meet this Lin Ming!”



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