MW Chapter 1620

Chapter 1620 – Divine Void Duke

“Sir, may I ask how I can help you?”

After Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian entered the VIP hall, a beautiful maid welcomed them. The treatment within the VIP hall was completely different from the outside.

“I want a list of the treasures in the VIP hall.”

Lin Ming glanced at the maid. The maids in the VIP hall all wore uniforms and they had the emblem of the Runic Pill Trading Company embroidered on their chests.

Soon after, the maid handed a jade slip to Lin Ming. Just as Lin Ming was about to search through it, his heart chilled. In that moment he had felt someone’s sense pass swiftly and gently over him.

This sense was decidedly covert. If it wasn’t for Lin Ming’s powerful soul force then he wouldn’t have noticed it.

Lin Ming frowned. Just who was investigating him?

That brief sense just now was icy cold, as if it harbored dark intentions.

Lin Ming held the jade slip and quietly swept his sense outwards, probing the crowd in the hall. But, he wasn’t able to determine where this sense had come from.

This caused Lin Ming to be increasingly wary. This meant the person’s strength was even above his!

“If this person is so strong, could they be a Great World K...

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