Chapter 162 - Trap

Chapter 162 – Trap

Lin Ming asked Wang Yuhan, “Did Senior Apprentice Sister Bai leave any message when she stopped by to deliver the materials? For instance, did she ask me to create an inscription symbol for her or something like that?”

Wang Yuhan said, “Jingyun didn’t say anything. She just left the materials here then departed.”

“Oh… hm, do you have Bai Jingyun’s sound transmission information? I would like to use a sound transmitting talisman to ask her.”

Wang Yuhan said, “Yes, but Jingyun recently left Sky Fortune City. She’s already put in a request for a 5 month leave of absence from the Seven Profound Martial House. I don’t think that she’ll be back any time soon.”

A sound transmitting talisman had a limit to the distance that it could reach. If it was a very long distance, there had to be a preplanned relay system set up ahead of time, and multiple sound transmitting talismans had to be used in series.

“Leave of absence?” Lin Ming thought this was quite peculiar. The time one had to practice at the Seven Profound Martial House was very valuable; what sort of reason would there be for Bai Jingyun to request a five month leave of absence?

Lin Ming was not accustomed to owing a debt to others. As for the Crown Prince’s help, it was fine since he was helping him in the struggle for the throne. But why would Bai Jingyun collect these materials,...

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