MW Chapter 1619

Chapter 1619 – Treasure Fair

Divine Rune City’s treasure fair was held by a business directly subordinate to the Divine Runic Masters Guild, the Runic Pill Trade Association.

Although the Runic Pill Trade Association’s reputation wasn’t too obvious, the truth was that the material warehouses of the Divine Runic Masters guild, the cashing in of contribution points, and many other shops and industries affiliated with the Divine Runic Masters Guild were all managed by the Runic Pill Trading Organization.

The term Runic Pill came from the divine runic arts and the pill refining alchemy arts. In Divine Rune City, the divine runic arts and alchemy came hand in hand.

The Divine Runic Masters Guild established the Runic Pill Trading Organization in order to govern their vast fortune and innumerable assets. After all, when it came to business affairs, they needed people who were proficient in that aspect. Divine runic masters generally didn’t have the time nor ability to manage such massive amounts of wealth.

As the treasure fair was readying to go into full swing, in a seventh grade divine runic room at the Divine Runic Masters Guild, an exhausted Lin Ming was slumped down in front of a table. His face was pallid and streaming sweat and he...

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