MW Chapter 1618

Chapter 1618 – Heretical God Tree Evolution

The Heretical God Tree was a holy ruler of fire and thunder. With the suppression of the Heretical God Tree, the fluctuating thunder and fire runes calmed down, becoming peaceful and without a single sign that they would go out of control.

This ability to control thunder and flame to such a degree was something unique to Lin Ming.

He had cultivated the Fire and Thunder Laws to touch upon the threshold of the seventh level Concept. And, martial artists that trained in fire and thunder were extremely rare to begin with. For someone to reach Lin Ming’s current achievements was extremely difficult because he was the only one who possessed the Heretical God Force.

Facing the hundred plus tiny runes formed from thunder and fire, Lin Ming’s complexion was earnest. His speed was slow and he would often spend a long time drawing up a single tiny rune, constantly making calculations to find the best drawing method.

Like this, several hours passed as Lin Ming immersed himself in making calculations and a drawing plan.

Lin Ming’s forehead was wet with beads of sweat. Even with the support of the Heretical God Tree, it was impossible for him to control these 100 plus tiny runes for...

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