MW Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617 – Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol

Time flew by, an unending river.

Lin Ming worked like a construct that didn’t know of exhaustion. The amount of work he completed every day was staggering.

When Lin Ming’s soul force ran dry he would meditate and revolve the Divine Mist Heart Mantra.

As a peak transcendent divine might, the Divine Mist Heart Mantra was the most suitable method for restoring his dried up soul force. In the past when Lin Ming cultivated the Divine Mist Heart Mantra underneath Empyrean Divine Mist, he had his own spiritual sea completely ruptured and then restored. The pain from that time was countless times more exaggerated and agonizing then his current soul force exhaustion.

Day after day, Lin Ming discovered that the intensity of his soul force was rapidly growing!

At the start he was able to draw up 12 divine runic symbols a day before he collapsed.

But after two months, Lin Ming was able to draw up 13 divine runic symbols a day. After another two months, Lin Ming was able to draw up 14 divine runic symbols.

This also meant that every time Lin Ming turned in part of the mission, each time there would be more than the last.

Seeing Lin Ming work like a monster, bringing in almost 200 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols every half month and even seeing this number increase over time, Suya was shocked at first, apprehensive next, and then as she became accustomed to this she simply became numb.

This was the beginning of the sixth month.

Lin Ming handed over 220 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols.

In these past 15 days he had drawn up 220 peak fourth grade divine runic symbols. Even Suya didn’t know what expression to have for this.

With this, Lin Ming’s mission was complete. Moreover, he had even produced an extra hundred!

And before these divine runic symbols were shipped to the warfront they had already undergone a routine inspection.

The 2100 plus Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols were completely without a single defect. All of them maintained an absolute standard in quality. Compared to the 20 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols that Lin Ming had sent at the start, none of them were worse.

At the end, the number of times that the flame symbols could be used had climbed to over 300. This was a result of Lin Ming’s technique becoming increasingly skilled and intricate, leading to each Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol he created becoming increasingly perfect.

To produce a single divine runic symbol at a high quality wasn’t strange at all. But, to produce over 2000 divine runic symbols perfectly, that was horrifying.

Not just that, but Lin Ming had maintained a constant speed of three times that of the average person!

And what left Suya breathless the most was that Lin Ming had continued this ultra-high intensity work pace for almost six months without end!

The exhaustion, loneliness, aridness of the situation, it was simply hard to imagine. Every time Suya saw Lin Ming she could also feel the serious overdrawn nature of his soul force. Perhaps anyone else would have collapsed by now.

But Lin Ming was able to persist through all of it.

Regarding this, it wasn’t just Suya, but even the people of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace had long been at a loss for words. They originally thought that Lin Ming would need at least two years to complete 2000 divine runic symbols, but he had managed to accomplish this in half a year with a production speed that could frighten one to death. They also finally realized that their early plan to copy his work had been doomed to failure from the start.

Lin Ming was able to produce these Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols not because of luck or coincidence but because he was an abnormal monster.

“Sir Lin, this is your reward.” Suya handed over a jade slip with around 13 million contribution points. With this, their transaction had ended.

Although Extreme Star Heavenly Palace had paid a gigantic sum of money for these Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols, correspondingly the frontlines of the war had obtained remarkable victories!

These Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols had a specific activation method and only the disciples of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace knew how to use them. If 20-30 Holy Lords activated their Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols together, even a World King would have to retreat.

“Thank you.”

Lin Ming took the jade slip and swept his sense through it. After seeing that there were no errors, he planned to return to his own room. But at this time, Suya called out to him, “Sir Lin, please wait.”

“Mm? Is there something else?” Lin Ming turned to look at Suya.

Suya covered her mouth and laughed. “Sir Lin, do you find me annoying? It seems that every time you come you are in a hurry, as if you’re afraid to see me!

“Sir Lin, it is like this. The mission to complete 2000 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols has already been finished, but I wonder if Sir Lin has any interest in continuing to cooperate with us. The Extreme Star Holy Lands is willing to put forth a price of 600,000 points for every divine runic symbol and continue purchasing Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols from Sir Lin…”

Even 2000 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols wasn’t enough for the Extreme Star Holy Lands to use.

Before this, they had only requested for Lin Ming to draw up 2000 because they had thought that Lin Ming would take a long time to complete this mission. But at that time, perhaps the war between the Extreme Star Holy Lands and Heaven Strife Holy Lands would have come to an end.

Now that they saw Lin Ming’s rapid production speed, they would be willing to eat the costs of another 1000.

“I’m sorry… there are other matters I must attend to.” Lin Ming refused this request but he didn’t absolutely reject all cooperation. He thought for a moment and said, “After around five more months I should have finished things. At that time I will consider working with your Extreme Star Holy Lands again…”


Suya was already satisfied with such an answer. In her opinion, Lin Ming wasn’t someone that lied or exaggerated. If he said something then that was proof he had confidence or interest.

Like this, Lin Ming took the 10 million plus points and went to the special materials section of the Divine Runic Masters Guild.

He bought up 12 million points of materials in a single go, including all sorts of rare and precious ones. For instance, osmosis rainbow flower fruit. This sort of fruit was the size of a pigeon egg and cost 3 million contribution points, but Lin Ming purchased three of them together.

After taking up all of these materials, Lin Ming returned to his own divine runic room.

By this point Lin Ming had long switched into the highest quality seventh grade divine runic room. This divine runic room was no smaller than a city square and was filled with all sorts of array formations and nearly processed all the materials for him.

He had temporarily refused Suya’s request because he had arrived at a critical moment in transforming the fifth grade divine runic symbol.

Before the treasure fair started, Lin Ming planned to select two types of fifth grade divine runic symbols and complete revisions of them.

Of these two types of divine runic symbols, the first one he chose was called the Heavenly Fire Symbol.

The Heavenly Fire Symbol could be called an improved version of the Havoc Flame Symbol.

Because Lin Ming already had experience transforming the Havoc Flame Symbol, it wasn’t too much work to transform the Heavenly Fire Symbol.

As for the second divine runic symbol, that was a true test of Lin Ming’s ability.

This was a peak fifth grade divine runic symbol!

With Lin Ming’s current level of skill, wanting to transform a peak fifth grade divine runic symbol wasn’t realistic at all. But, this fifth grade divine runic symbol seemed as if it were especially created for Lin Ming alone.

Its name was the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol.

The word Extreme meant to bring things to the absolute extreme. The words Dual Polarity meant that this divine runic symbol was able to display the powers of two different elements to their extreme limits. And, these two elements were the thunder and flame elements that Lin Ming specialized in!

The Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol was a dreadfully dangerous offensive divine runic symbol. Out of all the known fifth grade divine runic symbols, the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol’s power and performance could be ranked in the top three. It even surpassed many sixth grade divine runic symbols!

Thus, if one could successfully draw up a single Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol, its value would be enormous.

However, the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol actually had many limitations.

The difficulty of drawing one up was extremely high. The powers of thunder and fire were violent and tyrannical to the extreme. Wanting to fuse these two types of powers together into a symbol paper wasn’t easy at all. If there was a single error, it was possible that the entire mess could explode.

Even a peak fifth grade divine runic master had to be utterly cautious in drawing up an Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol. Failure meant losing all of the invested materials and having blown up array formations. It was even possible to be injured in the process.

The original structure of this divine runic symbol wasn’t perfect to begin with. To make revisions and improve the Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol… the difficulty of this could be imagined!

At this time, all sorts of array formations began to activate in the divine runic room.

Lin Ming stood within these array formations, all of his concentration focused on a beautiful red and purple symbol that floated three feet in front of him.

The tiny runes each contained a horrifying strength. If there was even a single mistake in the structure of the tiny runes, the consequences would be incredibly severe!

It had to be known that if one broke any array formations in this room, all damages had to be paid by the divine runic master who rented it.

Because of this, many peak divine runic masters didn’t dare to draw up an Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol in the center of expensive array formations. This caused the difficulty to be even higher. It was rare to see a perfectly drawn Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol.

Lin Ming closed his eyes in meditation. At this time, behind Lin Ming, the phantom of a divine tree began to slowly appear.

This was the Heretical God Tree within Lin Ming’s inner world!



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