MW Chapter 1617

Chapter 1617 – Extreme Dual Polarity Symbol

Time flew by, an unending river.

Lin Ming worked like a construct that didn’t know of exhaustion. The amount of work he completed every day was staggering.

When Lin Ming’s soul force ran dry he would meditate and revolve the Divine Mist Heart Mantra.

As a peak transcendent divine might, the Divine Mist Heart Mantra was the most suitable method for restoring his dried up soul force. In the past when Lin Ming cultivated the Divine Mist Heart Mantra underneath Empyrean Divine Mist, he had his own spiritual sea completely ruptured and then restored. The pain from that time was countless times more exaggerated and agonizing then his current soul force exhaustion.

Day after day, Lin Ming discovered that the intensity of his soul force was rapidly growing!

At the start he was able to draw up 12 divine runic symbols a day before he collapsed.

But after two months, Lin Ming was able to draw up 13 divine runic symbols a day. After another two months, Lin Ming was able to draw up 14 divine runic...

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