MW Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616 – Lin Ming’s Conditions

In these days, Lin Ming nearly hadn’t rested at all. He spent 90% of his time calculating the rune structure of a fifth grade divine runic symbol.

The work required to improve a fifth grade divine runic symbol was several times greater than what Lin Ming originally anticipated. Lin Ming had already completed the theoretical basis for revising a fifth grade divine runic symbol, but when he actually tried to apply this there were many problems that had to be solved.

At this time, a loud knock sounded out from the door.

Lin Ming thought it was Xiao Moxian, but after opening the door he discovered that it was Suya standing at the entrance.

Today’s Suya was still dressed in a sultry outfit that gushed out with sex appeal. The tight-fitting fabric hugged her curves, perfectly outlining her explosive figure. The collar at her chest was opened up, plunging down deep and leaving one lost in daydreams.

Suya’s manner of dress hadn’t changed but her eyes had gone through a great transformation. When she looked at Lin Ming before, there was always a hint of contempt in her eyes, as if she were looking at a little child....

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