MW Chapter 1614

Chapter 1614 – One Billion Point Reward

Sage Brightyang took quick inventory of the losses. Two 30 million point array formations had exploded as well as three 10 million point array formations.

In addition, a massive number of tools and rare and precious materials were destroyed!

These losses left Sage Brightyang bleeding in his heart!

For this last year the Extreme Star Holy Lands had been at war and had spent a massive amount of resources. Now, the entire Holy Land was having trouble distributing resources.

As a result of that brief moment just now, 100 million points had been lost. If these 100 million points were changed into divine runic symbols, just what sort of war strength would that be!

Moreover, this operation of cracking apart the divine runic symbol was proposed and led by Sage Brightyang. He had already made an oath to the Vice Palace Master that he would absolutely break the divine runic symbol otherwise he would be punished.

Even searching for help, the distribution of materials, the requisition of the seventh grade divine runic room, everything had been handled by Sage Brightyang.

He originally thought that everything would be a success and he would be able to obtain a great merit. As for himself, he would have received tremendous advantages in this mission. However, he never imagined things would develop to such a point!

If he couldn’t unravel the divine runic symbol and also had such great losses, he definitely couldn’t take responsibility for this failure!

Thinking of this, Sage Brightyang’s face turned liver red. As he looked at Overflow he wished that he could slap this moron to death!

“Overflow… this, this is all because of you! You said that there was no lock you couldn’t unlock! Array formations worth 100 million points have been destroyed by you!”

Sage Brightyang suppressed the bubbling anger in his heart. He didn’t dare to tear down all decorum with Overflow. First, Overflow was considerably strong to begin with, and secondly, he was also depending on Overflow to recoup some of the losses from just now.

Although he had already lost all hope that Overflow could unravel the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol, if he were to give up now then he would be the guilty party here. If Overflow could make any form of progress then he could at least recover just a little bit of the losses.

Seeing Sage Brightyang’s rage-filled eyes, Overflow’s complexion turned icy cold. “What are you trying to say? My losses were worse than yours! This time I broke apart four of my array discs!”

“But all of these experiments were led by you!” Sage Brightyang said, his words becoming increasingly loud and frothy.

“Yes, I was the one who led them but you are the one who called me here!” Overflow coldly said, not yielding an inch.

“Stop fighting!” At this time, Sage Brightyang’s High Master spoke out.

Out of everyone here, he had the highest status. “Overflow, is there no chance for you to unravel this divine runic symbol?”

This High Master also knew how serious today’s matters were. Within Extreme Star Heavenly Palace, there were internal struggles for power. There were countless individuals that were eyeing Sage Brightyang’s seat as the Internal Affairs Envoy! This was a highly lucrative position.

Because of today’s matters, it was even possible that he would be dismissed from his position. This was because there were a considerable number of people in Extreme Star Heavenly Palace who advocated to buy divine runic symbols from Lin Ming at an increased price.

“I don’t know… if I can resolve the question as to how to fuse the Asura Heavenly Dao and the tiny runes then I might be able to succeed…”

Overflow quietly said. He didn’t know just where the error had been and why the Asura Heavenly Dao Law lines would have such a violent explosion.

“I will not provide any more materials or array formations!” Sage Brightyang coldly said.

Overflow sneered. “Then we’re done here.”

The two stood in sharp opposition. Sage Brightyang frowned. If he continued to provide materials then his gamble would become even larger. If he lost… Sage Brightyang shuddered at the consequences.

He looked towards his High Master for help.

This High Master couldn’t decide on a plan. He thought for a moment and then came up with a compromise. “Continue trying to unravel it, but don’t do any tests if you can. If you must do tests, don’t use any expensive array formations…”


At this time, within the Divine Runic Masters Guild.

After Lin Ming finished his test, many divine runic masters scrambled to purchase a Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol.

The price continued to climb.

Finally, the price rose to 900,000 contribution points for a single one!

This price was already several times the original max price of the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol.

If there were 900,000 contribution points, one could buy 300 Havoc Flame Symbols.

And if they bought a Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol, it could only be used 200-300 times.

Of course, the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol was slightly stronger and in terms of flexibility 300 Havoc Flame Symbols were better. At the very least, one didn’t need to fill them with energy.

“Lin Ming, you brat, you’re rich now! 900,000 for one, if you make two or three a day that is 2 million points… hey, since I looked after you, don’t you think you should give me a red envelope for luck?”

After the price was settled, Old Xue slyly grinned at Lin Ming and elbowed him. With so many contribution points, even Old Xue was feeling jealous.

Lin Ming rolled his eyes. “Since when did you look after me?”

Old Xue froze as he heard this. He immediately smiled and said, “You silly blind wolf, I was the one who first led you to the Mission Division!”

Old Xue spoke with a half-joking tone but Lin Ming was left speechless. That was considered as having looked after him?

However, he didn’t doubt that if he really took out a red envelope, this old fellow in front of him definitely wouldn’t refuse it.

He shook his head, “This still isn’t enough…”

Although Lin Ming could make more than one or two Nirvanic tribulation Flame Symbols a day, he couldn’t do this for two or three years. This price point wasn’t satisfactory to him.

“It’s still not enough? Them how much do you want!?” Old Xue blew his beard up from shock. Even he couldn’t earn points like this and yet Lin Ming said it wasn’t enough.

“3 billion…”

As Lin Ming put forth this number, Old Xue felt his heart skip a beat. He suddenly remembered that four months ago he had looked over a list of precious materials that Lin Ming had needed. The total price for these materials was around 3 billion contribution points!

Old Xue originally thought that Lin Ming had gone mad. After all, not even he could come up with 3 billion points. But now, in just four months, although Lin Ming didn’t have 3 billion points he could still easily earn 1-2 million contribution points in a day!

At this rate, Lin Ming would sooner or later earn 3 billion points!

Thinking of this, Old Xue was left in a cold sweat. This boy Lin Ming, had he already expected to go through this method to rapidly earn contribution points?

If so, then this brat was far too horrifying. This proved that it wasn’t an accident when he improved the Havoc Flame Symbol!

“It seems you must buy those materials no matter what…” Old Xue thoughtfully said.

“Of course.” Lin Ming nodded.

“Even the Divine Runic Masters Guild doesn’t have all the materials you are searching for… some materials must be searched for somewhere else, or you must wait a period of time…”

“What about the treasure fair?”

Lin Ming suddenly said. When Lin Ming first came to Divine Rune City with Yue Liuxing, he had heard her mention the treasure fair that happened at there.

This was an event organized by the trading companies of the Divine Runic Maters Guild and would occur every three years. The treasure fair occurred on a vast scale. At that time, all sorts of important figures from the Asura Road would come to display and trade their treasures.

Amongst these treasures there would even be priceless valuables that would be publicly auctioned. At that time, all sorts of top grade pills, divine runic symbols, rare materials, ancient inheritances, flesh and blood of God Beasts, Empyrean spirit treasures, transcendent divine mights, and so forth would be sold!

And the currency of the treasure fair, besides origin energy runes, was contribution points from the Divine Runic Masters Guild.

Contribution points were considered the universal currency issued by the Divine Runic Masters Guild. They were considered a better and easier to use currency than the Asura Road’s more universal currency, origin energy runes.

This was because contribution points could be exchanged for all sorts of rare items from the Divine Runic Masters Guild. As for origin energy runes, they might not be able to buy these things.

For those people that came to participate in the treasure fair, as long as they could bring out something that the Divine Runic Masters Guild found valuable, they could change it for an equal amount of contribution points. In the treasure fair there were some items that could only be bought with contribution points. Thus, the participants would usually exchange materials for a massive number of points.

Lin Ming expected that he would be able to buy many of the rare materials he needed at the treasure fair.

Now, there was still a year until the treasure fair. During this remaining year he had to earn enough wealth so that he wouldn’t be stretched for points when he needed it.


As Lin Ming was beginning to draw Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols as well as study how to improve a fifth grade divine runic symbol, the Extreme Star Holy Lands had quietly posted a titanic reward.

They were recruiting dark divine runic masters from all over with a reward of one billion points to crack open the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol. As long as they could accomplish this then the Extreme Star Holy Lands would share the results with all dark divine runic masters as well as reward those who contributed.

Of course, this reward couldn’t see the light of day; it was only sent to those who existed in the world of dark divine runic masters. But even the divine runic masters of the Divine Runic Masters Guild had some connections with dark divine runic masters. Thus, this news passed through all sorts of channels and became known by some well-informed individuals within the Divine Runic Masters Guild.

“They want to unravel the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol? This Extreme Star Holy Lands really doesn’t care about face!”

Within the Divine Runic Masters Guild, some divine runic masters had mocking expressions as they heard this news. No matter how it was said, pirating the achievements of others was extremely disgraceful, especially in the world of divine runic arts.

“Hah! This is a war that relates to the decline and rise of their sect, so what is their face worth in all of this? Lin Ming’s Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols are 900,000 points each, so buying 1000 of them will cost 900 million points. The Extreme Star Holy Lands might not be able to pay such a high price. Moreover, once a soldier with a Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol dies, a situation will appear where they can’t use its complete worth…”

“If they can appropriate this new technology for themselves then they can make as many as they want. And posting a reward is that fastest and most economical way to find people to crack open this divine runic symbol…”

Some people echoed.

These divine runic masters had no obligation to keep a secret for the Extreme Star Holy Lands. After one person knew that a reward was posted, this news spread from one person to ten, from ten to a hundred, and soon throughout the entire Divine Runic Masters Guild.

“This time, Overflow himself is leading the mission. Although his character is corrupt and he is infamous, in terms of unraveling divine runic symbols there is nothing below a sixth grade divine runic symbol that can stop him.”

“If he really can unravel the secrets then Extreme Star Holy Lands will have gained big.”

Several divine runic masters discussed. In front of so many benefits, no one could feel relaxed. If the Extreme Star Holy Lands wanted to steal away this massive cake then there would naturally be people that were jealous.

However, they were only jealous. As orthodox divine runic masters they didn’t have any foundation to unravel divine runic symbols so it was impossible for them.

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