MW Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 – Array Destruction

This improved Havoc Flame Symbol was something that Overflow had never seen before. He had lived for several hundred thousand years, and through this long period of time he had come into contact with all sorts of strange divine runic symbols. Even so, he had never cracked apart such strange Law lines before.

The more Overflow calculated, the more hesitant he became.

With a deep breath, Overflow put the jade slip to the side. There were some things he had to confirm.

Overflow took up a red, square-shaped array disc from the side. This one was only a square foot but it was the most precious of his array discs. If this array disc was converted to contribution points of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, it might be worth around 60 million contribution points!

When analyzing the structure of a divine runic symbol in order to crack it open, a martial artist needed more than their soul force and sense; they also needed to rely on the power of array formations.

This was because the energy structure of a divine runic symbol was compressed within the tiny runes. One had to strip away the tiny runes in order to prove the internal structure.

And this red array disc was able to play such a role. It could simulate a stable force field that slowly and steadily separated each tiny rune.

Facing this fourth grade divine runic symbol, Overflow was extremely patient. It had been over 100,000 years since he had analyzed a fourth grade divine runic symbol. Not even a fifth grade divine runic symbol was able to arouse his interest.

What Overflow cracked was only sixth grade divine runic symbols and they also had to be the work of a grandmaster.

After gently placing a top grade soul crystal into the red array disc, the array formation within began to activate.

Among the spiritas, the value of a soul crystal was similar to a nine sun jade.

This top soul crystal was equal to 10 ordinary soul crystals. In other words, it was equal to 10 nine sun jades. This was a considerable price to pay in order to activate the array disc.

However, in order to ensure the precision of the array formation, Overflow used the best materials. And as long as materials were used for the purposes of cracking open the divine runic symbol, they would be paid for by the Extreme Star Holy Lands.

Just one array disc wasn’t enough. Overflow hesitated for a moment and then took out another. This array disc was slightly less valuable than the first but it still cost about 30 million contribution points!

The use of this array disc was to simulate and imitate. But in the simulation process, one needed to use an extremely precious material called ripple sand. This ripple sand would be melted into liquid and the liquid would be used as ‘ink’ for the array disc to draw up a copy. And each portion of this material was worth around 5 million contribution points.

Every time Overflow conducted a test, he would need half a portion of ripple sand.

Like this, under the support of all sorts of precious materials and expensive array discs, Overflow’s analyzing process began. As the two array discs floated in the air they released dazzling lights.

Outside of the divine runic room, Sage Brightyang and the others were completely focused on everything that was occurring. They hadn’t left at all in the last two days.

It had to be known that all the materials Overflow used were provided by the Extreme Star Holy Lands. In this situation they definitely didn’t dare to leave.

Now that Sage Brightyang saw all these resources being slowly consumed in front of him, his lips twitched as he found the scene extremely distressing. The Extreme Star Holy Lands had already invested 70-80 million contribution points so far, and as this analyzing process continued, it would likely break through a hundred million and continue even higher!

Perhaps they would need to spend 400-500 million points before coming close to cracking Lin Ming’s work.

“You must spend money to make money; without risk there is no reward…” Sage Brightyang grit his teeth, comforting himself like this. As long as they could unlock this Nirvanic Flame Tribulation Symbol then it would be worth the investment. Not only would they experience a favorable turn in the war, but the Extreme Star Holy Lands would profit immeasurably in the future.

As Sage Brightyang was lost in thought, he suddenly heard Grandmaster Overflow’s sound transmission echo in his ears. “Quickly bring a martial artist that understands the seventh level Concept of Fire to be my assistant. The faster the better!”

“Fire… seventh level Concept?” Sage Brightyang was stunned. What was this for?

“Don’t dawdle around. The creator of this divine runic symbol has reached the seventh level Fire Laws and the flames he uses are extremely strange. Go ask your Heavenly Palace to bring the one with the highest achievements in the Fire Laws to come. Immediately!”

Overflow was skilled in analysis. He analyzed that the flame energy textures within the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol and the profound skill and perfection within those fire patterns left him shocked and in fear!

“It's actually two types of destructive flames, and the grades of both flames are extremely high. Just how did he perfectly fuse these two types of flames together?”

As Overflow was lost in thought, Sage Brightyang was filled with doubts.

The creator of this divine runic symbol was Lin Ming, and Lin Ming was someone that understood the seventh level Concept of Fire? Just how was that possible? He wasn’t even 100 years old!

But doubts were only doubts. Sage Brightyang soon found the martial artist with greatest attainments in the Fire Laws within Extreme Star Heavenly Palace. This person was his High Master, a half-step Empyrean powerhouse!

Within Extreme Star Heavenly Palace, this person was among the top 10 ranking characters.

His achievements in the Fire Laws had reached the peak of the seventh level Concept and even touched upon the mysteries of the eighth level Concept!

Sage Brightyang could affirm that this person’s ability to control flames was countless times better than Lin Ming’s.

“Good, not bad!”

Seeing the one arriving, Overflow was more than satisfied. A half-step Empyrean was not an ordinary individual. Just by standing there, he faintly affected the Laws around him, creating a terrifying pressure.

With this sort of assistance, Overflow felt his chances of success were much higher.

“Carefully release the flames and pour all of your understanding of the Fire Laws into the flame.”

Overflow rapidly ordered. At the same time, he activated all sorts of expensive array formations on the divine runic table. He was going to start attempting to copy the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol.

Only by attempting to copy some of the tiny runes would Overflow know whether or not his analysis was correct.

The array formations of a seventh grade divine runic room were extraordinary. With just a thought, the materials were all processed and completed by the array formations. Then, with Overflow moving them with his soul force, they began to slowly condense into tiny runes.

At this time, Overflow picked up both array discs. He placed the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol that Lin Ming created above the array disc on his left hand, and on the array disc above his right hand, a replica began to rapidly form.

Overflow used his horrifying soul force intensity to conduct all of this. The reason he called an assistant here was to control the flames to his satisfaction. Everything here was perfect!

“My analysis of the structure is correct!”

Overflow said with a dry mouth. His eyes shined with an increasingly bright light. As long as he could correctly analyze the rune structure then sooner or later he would be able to unlock this divine runic symbol.

And, Overflow had already confirmed over two days that the value of this divine runic symbol was absolutely that of a priceless treasures.

If he could unravel the principles behind it then in the future he could apply these principles to other divine runic symbols!

For a fourth grade divine runic symbol to be used 200-300 times couldn’t be considered to amazing. But, what about a fifth or even sixth grade divine runic symbol?

That was an unimaginable wealth!

These distracting thoughts only appeared for a fleeting moment. Overflow quickly focused all of his concentration on the copying process, lest a single mistake occur midway.

But at this time, Overflow ran into something that felt wrong as he was in the copying process.

This wrong feeling didn’t come from the tiny runes of the divine runic symbol, but came from…

The Asura Heavenly Dao!

“The Asura Heavenly Dao does not fit!? No, I have already made a copy of the tiny rune structure, so this is proof that I didn’t make a mistake. How come the Asura Heavenly Dao doesn’t fit? This is impossible!”

Overflow’s eyebrows shot up; this was unbelievable.

His deduction process was perfect; for him to copy it to this point proved this. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for the structure of tiny runes to take shape. However, there had been a major problem when fusing together the Heavenly Dao.

“I won’t believe this!”

Beads of sweat began dripping down from Overflow’s forehead.

He didn’t believe he was wrong. He continued on, insisting no matter what. After drawing up the tiny rune structure, he tried to forcefully fuse the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws into it.

And at this time, the two array discs in his hands began to violently tremble!

Overflow’s mind shook. Before he could respond, the tiny rune structure copy exploded!

This wasn’t just an explosion of materials; there was also a backlash of the Asura Heavenly Dao patterns that Overflow had been trying to control!


With a heart-rending shriek, Overflow’s complexion dramatically changed. He watched helplessly as the raging Asura Heavenly Dao brutally shattered those two priceless array discs in half!

Even the array formations above the divine runic table began disintegrating because of the impact of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Once the first explosion occur, a series of ripple effects swept out. In that moment, the entire divine runic table seemed as if it had been swept into a storm and left in an utter mess.

At least four or five array formations had been destroyed and even four of the array discs that Overflow brought had been shattered!

Overflow froze, his complexion becoming increasingly dark!

He stared blankly at the array discs in his left and right hands, unable to accept everything that just happened. His most precious array discs, the tools to his livelihood, had been destroyed like this!?

In that explosion just now, according to the standards of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, he had lost at least 100 million contribution points!

Not only were Overflow’s losses serious, but the truth was that the Extreme Star Holy Lands had lost a great deal too!

The array formations on the divine runic table each had a dreadful construction cost, not much cheaper than Overflow’s array discs. With four or five array formations exploding, the Extreme Star Holy Lands would need to pay up nearly 100 million contribution points!

Contributions needed to pay traded through materials, pills, and other such things. They were extremely precious!

As the explosion occurred, Sage Brightyang’s High Master was standing at the side. But, he could only watch helplessly on as this occurred, unable to stop it.

Although the power behind the explosion wasn’t too high, it was still caused by the Asura Heavenly Dao. Moreover, because it happened within the array formations it was impossible to prevent. Unless one thoroughly understood the Asura Heavenly Dao, it didn’t matter how high their cultivation was!

And at this time, the doors to the divine runic room burst open. Sage Brightyang who had by this time already lost his composure rushed in. He looked at the chaotic divine runic table with a pale face, his body shivering, unable to say a single word.


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