MW Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 – Array Destruction

This improved Havoc Flame Symbol was something that Overflow had never seen before. He had lived for several hundred thousand years, and through this long period of time he had come into contact with all sorts of strange divine runic symbols. Even so, he had never cracked apart such strange Law lines before.

The more Overflow calculated, the more hesitant he became.

With a deep breath, Overflow put the jade slip to the side. There were some things he had to confirm.

Overflow took up a red, square-shaped array disc from the side. This one was only a square foot but it was the most precious of his array discs. If this array disc was converted to contribution points of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, it might be worth around 60 million contribution points!

When analyzing the structure of a divine runic symbol in order to crack it open, a martial artist needed more than their soul force and sense; they also needed to rely on the power of array formations.

This was because the energy structure of a divine runic symbol was compressed within the tiny runes. One had to strip away the tiny runes in order to prove the internal structure.

And this red array disc...

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