MW Chapter 1612

Chapter 1612 – Copy

After the testing array formation activated, dozens of ancient vicious beast simulations conjured up by the illusory magic array appeared. These vicious beasts surrounded Lin Ming, their strengths ranging from the Divine Transformation realm to the World King realm!

These were merely living targets. Although they had defensive capabilities similar to real vicious beasts, they were not aggressive at all.

Facing these ancient vicious beasts, Lin Ming calmly activated the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbol.

For a time, dao patterns of the Asura Heavenly Dao wove in the air. With a terrifying explosion, flames swept out like a tide.

Dozens of ancient vicious beasts were swallowed up by the flames. Over 90% of the vicious beasts were instantly reduced to ash with only several of them surviving the carnage.

Of the surviving vicious beasts, some were severely burnt. But, there were also several vicious beasts equal to the human late Holy Lord realm or peak Holy Lord realm, and even a World King level vicious beast that wasn’t injured at all.

In particular, that World King level armored forest dragon still stood tall and proud in the skies, its scales not damaged...

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