MW Chapter 1611

Chapter 1611 – Test

“You actually managed to have Grandmaster Overflow come and help?” A World King said from beside Sage Brightyang. This World King was Waking Cloud, a direct disciple of one of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace’s two Empyreans.

“Requesting Overflow to help will definitely come with a great price…” Someone added in after Waking Cloud.

Sage Brightyang said, “To this type of divine runic symbol, Grandmaster Overflow will definitely have a great interest. And after he unravels the secrets to creating one, we will definitely have to pay a great price. However, for the techniques behind this sort of divine runic symbol, it is absolutely worth it…”

As Sage Brightyang was speaking, a melodious immortal song echoed through the air. A magnificent divine carriage decked in gold and jade shot through the horizon, dragging a brilliant rainbow behind it.

This divine carriage was hundreds of feet wide and was several times larger than an ordinary pavilion. It was pulled by 18 dignified...

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