MW Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610 – Grandmaster Overflow

Suya was shocked by Lin Ming’s words. Indeed, as Lin Ming said, if the Extreme Star Holy Lands wanted to buy those improved Havoc Flame Symbols they could only do so from Lin Ming, but Lin Ming didn’t necessarily need to sell to them.

This sort of improved Havoc Flame Symbol could be used 200-300 times and in a battle could be activated four times. This was a heaven-defying special effect. There were many Holy Lord powerhouses that would be willing to buy such a Havoc Flame Symbol in order to serve as their final trump card.

If an early Holy Lord martial artist had this sort of flame symbol, although they might not be able to defeat a middle Holy Lord realm martial artist, it still wouldn’t be a problem to protect themselves.

If they had to go to a life or death mystic realm to adventure and even desperately bet their lives against those other people there, they would absolutely want to buy one or two of these Havoc Flame Symbols no matter what the cost was.

In addition, these revised Havoc Flame Symbols had the special attribute...

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