MW Chapter 1610

Chapter 1610 – Grandmaster Overflow

Suya was shocked by Lin Ming’s words. Indeed, as Lin Ming said, if the Extreme Star Holy Lands wanted to buy those improved Havoc Flame Symbols they could only do so from Lin Ming, but Lin Ming didn’t necessarily need to sell to them.

This sort of improved Havoc Flame Symbol could be used 200-300 times and in a battle could be activated four times. This was a heaven-defying special effect. There were many Holy Lord powerhouses that would be willing to buy such a Havoc Flame Symbol in order to serve as their final trump card.

If an early Holy Lord martial artist had this sort of flame symbol, although they might not be able to defeat a middle Holy Lord realm martial artist, it still wouldn’t be a problem to protect themselves.

If they had to go to a life or death mystic realm to adventure and even desperately bet their lives against those other people there, they would absolutely want to buy one or two of these Havoc Flame Symbols no matter what the cost was.

In addition, these revised Havoc Flame Symbols had the special attribute of being able to be used multiple times; this was an almost completely unique attribute. There were many divine runic masters that loved to collect all sorts of divine runic symbols who would love to get their hands on one. Moreover, there were many wealthy juniors of powerful influences that would similarly love to possess such a rare divine runic symbol as a point of pride.

This was a symbol of status.

Thus, even if Lin Ming publicly sold these divine runic symbols, their price would still rapidly reach a horrifying level. Their price might even surpass the accumulated total of 200-300 Havoc Flame Symbols!

Thinking of this, Suya knew that perhaps there might not be any transactions.

The price that the Extreme Star Holy Lands offered simply wouldn’t be enough.

She stood up and despairingly said, “Sir Lin, Miss Xian’er, I apologize for disturbing you today. I will go back first. Sir Lin, I will come to visit you again in the future.”

Suya could be called miserable. Her overly large eyes seemed to contain tens of thousands of words, all of them touching.

Even Lin Ming, who was used to seeing beautiful women, couldn’t help but acknowledge that Suya was an extraordinary woman.

Suya and Xiao Moxian possessed two different types of figures. Suya had explosive curves, perfectly round and soft. Although she was a shocking beauty like Xiao Moxian, she possessed a flavor that ordinary women did not have. She constantly attracted the gaze and heat of men, even with the slightest movement.

Like this, Suya walked away. From beginning to end, she possessed a feminine beauty, one that was gentle and meek. She seemed completely different from the proud figure that was resting on the couch just a month ago.

“Big Brother Lin, it seems like you turned her down.” Xiao Moxian said after Suya left.

“No need to worry, I have too many concerns right now. I have to research how to transform a fifth grade divine runic symbol and I also have to refine a soul recovery pill for Senior Divine Mist. I don’t have much free time. If I have to draw up Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols I’ll have to create dozens of them. When something is rare, it becomes far more precious. If I were to sell them at a cheap price then these Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols won’t be valuable at all.”

Lin Ming said. He had already considered this. When a new product came out, no one would know its true price. The true price was artificially created by others.

If he sold a small number of Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols, then those who bought them would scurry to hype up the price as much as possible so they would have more value.

Once the price was higher, they might resell them.

As for the next person, they would also have a similar idea. As this process continued, the price would become increasingly high until it even exceeded the original value.

Lin Ming would be happy to see such a scene occur.


Still night, Suya returned to her own room and opened a long distance sound transmission array, attempting to send a message to the Internal Affairs Envoy of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace – Sage Brightyang.

Suya relayed all of her experiences from today. As Sage Brightyang heard this, he frowned.

“This junior called Lin Ming wants 750,000 contribution points for one? He is insatiably greedy!”

Sage Brightyang’s face darkened. After a period of thought he sneered and responded, “There is no need for you to concern yourself with this matter. That brat probably thinks that we can’t live without him. What a naïve child! Since he’s so greedy then I won’t let him obtain even one point.”

As Sage Brightyang replied, Suya’s heart skipped a beat. It couldn’t be that Extreme Star Heavenly Palace wanted to do something to Lin Ming, right!?

Lin Ming was living within the Divine Runic Masters Guild and had an extremely sensitive status to begin with. If Extreme Star Heavenly Palace attacked a member of the Divine Runic Masters Guild without provocation then they would inevitably suffer backlash from Divine Rune City!

This might even cause their alliance to fall apart and both sides to become enemies.

After all, kidnapping a divine runic master and forcing them to refine divine runic symbols was the absolute most taboo action for all divine runic masters. It was something that all of them loathed, no matter who they were.

Moreover, there was said to be a peak Empyrean master behind Lin Ming!

If they were to offend a peak Empyrean level character for a mere improved Havoc Flame Symbol, then that would absolutely be saving a little to lose a lot. The foolishness of that decision would be unbelievable. There wouldn’t even be a need for the Extreme Star Holy Lands to continue their war. With a peak Empyrean joining the enemy side, their loss would be ensured.

Suya didn’t feel that Extreme Star Heavenly Palace would do something so reckless. But, she was still worried that Extreme Star Heavenly Palace didn’t know about Lin Ming’s background.

She soon obtained an answer. Sage Brightyang’s tone was extremely gloomy. “We naturally won’t do anything to cause enmity with the Divine Runic Masters Guild. But, this doesn’t mean that we don’t have any means to deal with this boy. We’ve already invited Grandmaster Overflow…”

Grandmaster Overflow?

Suya was stunned. She had heard this name before.

In the world of divine runic masters, most divine runic masters were extremely proud and famous, respectable characters that were honored by others.

But, there were divine runic masters that lived in the dark. These divine runic masters did not research the divine runic arts but instead plagiarized the results and accomplishments of others.

If someone were to develop an astonishingly valuable divine runic symbol, there would naturally be evil individuals that attempted to appropriate these techniques for themselves. After all, these divine runic symbols involved a massive amount of benefits!

Generally speaking, when a divine runic master drew up a divine runic symbol they would have measures to prevent them from being cracked. Moreover, divine runic symbols involved numerous tiny complex runes and structures as well as a fusion between the divine runic symbol itself and the Heavenly Dao Laws and different fluctuations of weak and strong energy flows. Wanting to recreate a forgery was nearly impossible.

But, there was one type of divine runic master that specialized in this field.

Just like in the mortal world where there were thieves who specialized in picking locks; they were able to open any of them.

These types of divine runic masters were loathed by all others. There was no divine runic master that wanted the things they carefully researched to be stolen by others.

However, when driven by tremendous benefits, there were a number of divine runic masters that would rather become one of the people that lived in the dark.

These people had their own inheritances.

Of course, these inheritances were especially focused on how to unravel the divine runic symbols of others.

And this Grandmaster Overflow was a grandmaster level character amongst all dark divine runic masters!

According to what Suya knew, Grandmaster Overflow was a peak sixth grade divine runic master! If he had chosen to focus his efforts on the orthodox path then he would have obtained great results.

But as someone of the dark path, Grandmaster Overflow was known as a person who could open any lock. The only problems to him were time and cost.

Although many divine runic masters had their own ultimate final technique, Grandmaster Overflow didn’t have a liking for these. After all, in order to crack open the secrets of a divine runic symbol one needed to consume a massive amount of rare and precious materials as well as a variety of costly array formations. The total cost could leave one dumbfounded.

“Unravel… if we can really unravel the secrets to this improved Havoc Flame Symbol, then the advantages to our Extreme Star Holy Lands will be tremendous!” Suya thought. She didn’t know why, but she felt something strange in her heart. In her short moment of contact with Lin Ming just now, she didn’t know why but that youth had become unfathomably deep and unpredictable.

Would Grandmaster Overflow be able to unravel Lin Ming’s divine runic symbol?

Suya knew that with things having reached this point there was nothing she could do. She could only calmly wait in her area of the Mission Division and do her own job…


Two days later, Extreme Star Holy Lands…

The Extreme Star Holy Lands was located above the Asura Road’s Miluo Star Ocean. This Star Ocean had countless massive 100,000 mile wide islands that floated above it, and although they were called islands, the truth was that they weren’t much smaller than continents of some planets.

Above these islands was an endlessly dark night. In the skies, there was always an endless ocean of stars that floated across the world.

Underneath this endless starlight, there was a deep blue palace floating high in the sky. This was Extreme Star Heavenly Palace!

This was the supreme command center of the Extreme Star Holy Lands as well as the residence of the Extreme Star Holy Lands’ two Empyreans!

And on this day, the gates of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace opened. As the Internal Affairs Envoy of Extreme Star Heavenly Palace, Sage Brightyang personally waited at the entrance of the Heavenly Palace to greet Grandmaster Overflow!

Grandmaster Overflow was a Great World King to begin with, and through these years, the wealth he accumulated was unimaginable. Although he was a cruel and infamous individual known for his spite, he still provoked fear and awe in many people!

This was the suppressive fear brought by strength!


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