MW Chapter 1608

Chapter 1608 – Late Night Suya

“You would like to look for Lin Ming? Miss Suya, please wait a moment, I will check for you…”

In the divine runic room rental area, a young receptionist in a long skirt smiled sweetly as she looked up Lin Ming’s room number for Suya.

“Fifth grade divine runic room, Room #28.”

The young receptionist continued, “It is late at night so Sir Lin is probably resting at this moment. Miss Suya, do you plan on visiting Sir Lin?”

“Yes.” Suya nodded.

The young receptionist tittered. Suya was the most eye-catching beauty in the Divine Runic Masters Guild this year. In the middle of the night she wore such a sensual pink nightdress to enter Lin Ming’s room alone, just what could she be planning?

This sort of meeting would always cause young girls to form interesting associations.

Of course, she naturally couldn’t reveal these ideas.

Seeing the strange glint in the young receptionist’s eyes, Suya certainly knew what she was thinking. But, she was disinclined to care about such things.

At this time her mind was a mess. She didn’t know whether or not that Havoc Flame Symbol really came from Lin Ming and how she should face him.

In Suya’s memories, there weren’t...

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