MW Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607 – “Lin”

At this time, a large middle-aged man stepped into the center of the assembly site. This person had thick eyebrows, eyes like a tiger, and an intimidating aura. He was an Empyrean disciple from Extreme Star Heavenly Palace, a Great World King powerhouse – Deep Blue.

These 10 Holy Lord squads were under Deep Blue’s direct jurisdiction and he was also the one presiding over this assembly.

As he stepped into the assembly site, Deep Blue spoke a few opening remarks before looking at Dunepeak. He went straight to the point, “Dunepeak, in your combat report you said that your team achieved a great success. You fell into an ambush of 21 enemies that even had two captain-level characters but instead of being killed you slayed 13 people and forced the remaining eight to flee into the wild. As for your squad, the only price you paid was some wounds?”

Although Deep Blue seemed to have a happy expression, his eyes were like a hawk as he looked over Dunepeak’s...

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