MW Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607 – “Lin”

At this time, a large middle-aged man stepped into the center of the assembly site. This person had thick eyebrows, eyes like a tiger, and an intimidating aura. He was an Empyrean disciple from Extreme Star Heavenly Palace, a Great World King powerhouse – Deep Blue.

These 10 Holy Lord squads were under Deep Blue’s direct jurisdiction and he was also the one presiding over this assembly.

As he stepped into the assembly site, Deep Blue spoke a few opening remarks before looking at Dunepeak. He went straight to the point, “Dunepeak, in your combat report you said that your team achieved a great success. You fell into an ambush of 21 enemies that even had two captain-level characters but instead of being killed you slayed 13 people and forced the remaining eight to flee into the wild. As for your squad, the only price you paid was some wounds?”

Although Deep Blue seemed to have a happy expression, his eyes were like a hawk as he looked over Dunepeak’s squad of 10.

After being praised by Deep Blue in the war assembly, Dunepeak and his squad felt proud of their accomplishments. Indeed, they had truly won a great victory in that battle and had fought with vigor!

However, Dunepeak’s mind was still filled with doubts. 20 Havoc Flame Symbols were given to their squad of 10; would the other 10 be taken back? He clenched his teeth, “Yes!”

“Mm, good, you earned merits, great merits. All of you may receive rewards in accordance with army regulations!” Deep Blue said. The martial artists in Dunepeak’s squad were increasingly excited.

But at this time, Deep Blue changed the conversation. “Then… I want to know, how did you win?”

Dunepeak’s mind shook. The subject had finally been brought up!

As he expected, when headquarters provided those Havoc Flame symbols they didn’t know about their special effects.

Dunepeak took a deep breath and took out the combat report he had prepared long in advance.

He stepped forwards and bowed, saying, “Lord Deep Blue, I have already prepared the combat report. This combat report may have a considerable influence on the war. But, before Lord Deep Blue takes a look, I have a request to make.”

“Oh? Request?”

“Yes!” Dunepeak had a serious expression. “I request that in any event, Lord Deep Blue does not take back military equipment!”

“Why would I take back your military equipment?” Deep Blue’s eyebrows shot up. He could faintly feel that Dunepeak’s combat report was related to this equipment.

He hesitated for a moment before saying, “As long as it is equipment issued by the military I naturally won’t take it back.”

“Thank you Lord Deep Blue.” Dunepeak said, ecstatic. If Deep Blue guaranteed this under the eyes of so many people present then he wouldn’t renege on his words.

Dunepeak immediately passed over the combat report and began speaking. He could give up the rewards from this merit but he definitely had to keep those 20 Havoc Flame Symbols no matter what. This was a matter that concerned his life and the lives of his brothers!

As Deep Blue listened to the combat report, his expression was calm, then startled, then filled with disbelief. At the end, he rose to his feet, unable to contain his surprise!

His eyes were filled with excitement. He looked at Dunepeak with disbelief. “Havoc Flame Symbols that can be used multiple times? Are you speaking the truth?”

Deep Blue’s voice was filled with potent energy. It spread through the entire war assembly. For a time, the entire assembly site fell into complete silence.

Everyone could clearly hear Deep Blue’s words.

Havoc Flame Symbols that could be used more than once? This kind of divine runic symbol existed in the world?

Divine runic symbols were powerful but their creation costs were astronomical. They could only be used once. A martial artist normally had two or three divine runic symbols to protect themselves and they would only be willing to take them out in critical situations. They were treated like hidden treasures.

If there was a Havoc Flame Symbol that could be used unlimited times, just what sort of scene was that? If there was a squad where each person had a Havoc Flame Symbol, wouldn’t that be a violent and random barrage of explosions? There was no opponent who could withstand that!

This sounded unrealistic, but Dunepeak’s squad had defeated an enemy force twice their size and hadn’t lost a single person. This was the best proof!

As the members of the other squads realized this, their eyes began to burn with heat.

Such a divine tool of the battlefield, they also wanted one!


Late at night, Divine Runic Masters Guild –

At night, the Mission Division of the Divine Runic Masters Guild would be extremely lonely and desolate. But no matter how lonely it was, Suya would not leave her position.

For 24 hours a day, whether it was eating, meditating, or occasionally cultivating, Suya would spend her time here.

In this alone, Suya was extremely devoted to her work. At any time, anyone could find her if they wished.

Of course, the reason for this was also due to the tremendous pressure on her.

At this time, Suya was dressed in a loose pink nightdress. She sat behind the counter, taking inventory of the divine runic symbols she had.

In truth, she had taken inventory too many times so it was impossible for her to have made a mistake. But she still did so because it was a habit of hers.

The reason this habit developed was because Suya was feeling extremely restless in her heart.

Of the time that Extreme Star Heavenly Palace had given her to complete her mission, a quarter had passed.

However, she had only received 9000 fourth grade divine runic symbols and 1500 fifth grade divine runic symbols.

But the mission that headquarters had given her was to gather 80,000 fourth grade divine runic symbols and 10,000 fifth grade divine runic symbols!

The disparity was far too great.

The divine runic masters weren’t too enthusiastic about taking on missions.

These people were extremely arrogant to begin with. Besides missions, they also had to cultivate, study, and research.

The soaring cost of materials had unknowingly increased the difficulty for divine runic masters to complete their missions. After all, if a divine runic master failed to draw up a symbol they would have to pay for the materials lost.

If things continued at this speed, Suya wouldn’t even have half the amount of divine runic symbols needed when the deadline for her mission came!

What should she do?

Suya’s advantage lay in her feminine charms.

But, those that prostrated themselves beneath her pink dress were mostly young divine runic masters without much skill. In Suya’s eyes, they were even worse than Lin Ming.

A true higher level divine runic master wasn’t necessarily attracted by Suya’s feminine charms and wiles.

In recent days, Suya had smiled towards these high level divine runic masters every day, trying to arouse their interest; she was beginning to feel a bit exhausted by this work.

Playing with the cup of red wine in her hands, Suya’s heart was not as calm as she revealed on the outside.

“Young Lady, the Heavenly Palace has passed down orders.”

At this time, Raindrop approached and took out a golden token with both hands.

“Another Extreme Star Command!” Suya’s heart skipped a beat. Every time she saw an Extreme Star Command, she would have an unlucky foreboding feeling.

With a deep breath, Suya swept through the contents of the Extreme Star Command with her sense. For a time, she was shocked.

“A divine runic symbol that could be used countless times? There was such a strange divine runic symbol in the ones I delivered?”

Suya also had some attainments in the divine runic arts, otherwise she wouldn’t have been sent here to the Divine Runic Masters Guild. She was well aware that it was an impossible matter for divine runic symbols to be used multiple times.

But, headquarters wouldn’t lie about something so important. Perhaps there really was someone who invented a divine runic symbol that could be used many times!

“Who is it?”

The first people Suya thought of were the peak divine runic grandmasters of the Divine Runic Masters Guild, and even the Guild President, a seventh level divine runic master!

But, none of these people seemed to have taken a mission from the Extreme Star Holy Lands. With their status they wouldn’t bother with such things…

“Could it be a peak sixth grade divine runic master?” Suya immediately thought. There were some sixth grade divine runic masters that had taken on missions.

But as she thought about it more she soon shot down this idea. Within the Extreme Star Command, there was a phantom image of the divine runic symbol which could be used multiple times. Suya could immediately see that it was a fourth grade divine runic symbol – a Havoc Flame Symbol.

A sixth grade divine runic master wouldn’t take on a mission to create Havoc Flame Symbols.

“Havoc Flame Symbol…”

Suya had a good memory and she could recall that there were people who took on missions to draw up Havoc Flame Symbols these days.

But as she recalled this, she knew there were only five or six people who had taken on missions to draw up Havoc Flame Symbols. Of these people, there wasn’t anyone who was capable of accomplishing such an unbelievable matter!

“It shouldn’t be him…”

Suya inexplicably thought of Lin Ming but she immediately shook her head. She was being too ridiculous here. Just how old was Lin Ming? He was less than a hundred years old and his divine runic master rank was only the third grade if she remembered correctly.

But as Suya was thinking this, the expression on her face froze.

She subconsciously covered her mouth.

On the phantom image of that Havoc Flame Symbol, there was a clear character carved onto the bottom right corner of the divine runic symbol – ‘Lin’!

“Lin? Could it… really be him!?”

Realizing this possibility, Suya was completely stunned.


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