MW Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606 – Power of the Flame Symbols

A divine runic symbol was originally a one-time use consumable item. Once it was used up it was gone. No one had ever heard of a divine runic symbol that would not disappear after being used and would instead be restored to its original state!

The two divine runic symbols floated back into Crimson Cloud’s hand as if they had a mind of their own. After entering his hand, besides a warm and comfortable feeling that surrounded them, everything was the exact same as before he had used them.

If he didn’t watch the inner sea being swept up in a terrifying explosion of flames and didn’t see the two saint martial artists being scorched black, Crimson Cloud would really wonder whether or not he had used these Havoc Flame Symbols just now.

“Can these Havoc Flame Symbols actually be used multiple times?”

As soon as this thought flashed through Crimson Cloud’s mind he nearly couldn’t believe it himself.

Divine runic symbols were one-time use objects just like pills. He had never heard about a pill being eaten, reforming, and then being able to be eaten again. That completely defied all common sense logic!

“This fellow!”

Those two saint martial artists that were burnt by the destructive flames also saw the divine runic symbols used by Crimson Cloud restore themselves to their original appearance after being used.

The saint martial artists were panic-stricken. Just what was going on here? If a divine runic symbol could be used multiple times, was that even allowed!?

Seeing Crimson Cloud hold those two divine runic symbols in hand, the saint martial artists were already deeply afraid. They didn’t dare to attack.

But at this time, another martial artist sneered. “He’s just bluffing. If that spiritas dog was able to use divine runic symbols multiple times then our Heaven Strife Holy Lands would have been long destroyed by their Extreme Star Holy Lands!”

“That’s right! I can’t believe I was almost fooled.” The two saint martial artists grimaced as they mocked themselves for their stupidity. If this Crimson Cloud fellow really had such fierce divine runic symbols then why would he only use them after one of his arms was cut off? He would have used them at the start!

If so, then the two of them together wouldn’t have been able to defeat him.

“Attack together, kill him!”

“This spiritas dog, he dares to trick me? I will tear off that dog head of his!”

The two saint martial artists launched their attacks once more. Last time they had defended with everything they had, but now they were attacking with everything they had!

Seeing those two masters hurtle towards him, Crimson Cloud grit his teeth and activated the Havoc Flame Symbols once more!

In a hopeless situation he still had to try everything he could. At this time, his only hope of survival was that these two Havoc Flame Symbols could actually be used multiple times. Otherwise, he was as good as dead!

Pouring his spirit essence into the Havoc Flame Symbols, Crimson Cloud felt as if they had been insatiably hungry, crazily sucking up his spirit essence!

Although Crimson Cloud had lost an arm, the truth was that he hadn’t used up too much of his spirit essence. Even after these two Havoc Flame Symbols wildly drew out his spirit essence, he still had over half remaining.

“What is this…”

Crimson Cloud was startled by the Havoc Flame Symbols drawing out so much of his spirit essence. When he had used peak fourth grade divine runic symbols in the past, although he had to pour in his spirit essence, he had never poured in this much!

This sort of feeling was like the two Havoc Flame Symbols in his hand were a bottomless abyss, recklessly sucking out his strength.

Crimson Cloud had no time to respond. At this moment, the two Havoc Flame Symbols flew out, releasing a blazing light in the skies.

The surrounding heaven and earth origin energy began moving like a tsunami, gathering together and condensing into a raging sea of flames in the skies. And in the midst of this sea of flames, the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws wove together with the mysterious dao patterns. Beneath the influence of these dao patterns, the sea of flames gained a horrifying destructive aura, as if they would burn through space!

The two saint martial artists that were rushing forwards were instantly surrounded by this turbulent sea of fire!


No matter what, the two saint martial artists would never have imagined that those two divine runic symbols could be used multiple times. If this Crimson Cloud really had such divine runic symbols then why didn’t he use them earlier? Why wait until now!?

They had no time to think. That ghastly sea of black flames contained a terrifying destructive aura. As they were sucked into the center of it, their astral essence quickly consumed itself.

The power when these Havoc Flame Symbols were used again even far surpassed the first time!


One saint martial artist’s protective astral essence was burnt to nothing! He cried out in alarm as he faced the roiling black flames alone, nearly scared out of his mind.

He had already been severely wounded by the first use of the Havoc Flame Symbol; how could his body endure it a second time?

“How could this happen!”

All across the battlefield, the other martial artists also noticed the situation happening here. Two seas of flames had appeared and their reckless surges of energy were wildly rushing out, colliding with everyone else.

“This is… Havoc Flame Symbols!?”

Dunepeak’s squad was stunned. According to traditional concepts, divine runic symbols should only be used at the last moments of a desperate struggle in order to display the best effects. Thus, besides the almost-dead Crimson Cloud, no one had used them.

With a pitiful scream, that saint martial artist whose protective astral essence shattered first was swept up by the black flames! The destructive power within those black flames broke into his body, ravaging through his meridians and recklessly destroying everything!

Those black flames could burn astral essence and were impossibly difficult to suppress!

The saint martial artist frantically struggled but his life vitality was rapidly fading!

“Captain!” Crimson Cloud suddenly shouted out, “Let’s use our Havoc Flame Symbols together!”

He didn’t know whether or not all the Havoc Flame Symbols could be used multiple times, but this was the only gamble he could make!

If he was right then they could make all their opponents suffer severe wounds without paying too great a price!

Hearing Crimson Cloud’s shouts, the other martial artists in Dunepeak’s squad were all stunned. At this time, they witnessed something incredible.

The Asura Heavenly Dao Laws that formed the terrifying sea of fire suddenly converged in the air, turning into two new flame symbols that flew into Crimson Cloud’s hand.

“What in the world!?” Dunepeak’s squad felt this was all too unbelievable. After these Havoc Flame Symbols were used they actually restored themselves to their previous state!

Without further speaking, Dunepeak took out his own two Havoc Flame Symbols. He didn’t know whether these two flame symbols could be used more than once but this was his only hope!

All the other martial artists in Dunepeak’s squad followed suit, bringing out their Havoc Flame Symbols.

In an instant, the entire sky was lit up with an endless panorama of black flames.

Because of these flames, the vast inner sea seemed to boil with excitement…


After Lin Ming handed over the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols he bought a massive amount of materials and returned to his divine runic arts room to practice.

Lin Ming was only practicing one thing: revising the structure of the divine runic symbols so that they drew even closer to the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws. This would allow their strength to greatly increase or they could even be like the Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols and obtain an unbelievable special effect.

Only this type of divine runic symbol would sell for a sky-high price.

The Havoc Flame Symbol that Lin Ming revised was only a peak fourth grade divine runic symbol. Although its effects were heaven-defying, Lin Ming still remained unsatisfied.

Because the grade of the divine runic symbol wasn’t too high, only an Empyrean level influence like the Extreme Star Holy Lands that was also at war with another party would purchase them in bulk. Otherwise, selling them off one at a time would be far too slow a method to gather wealth.

Lin Ming’s goal was to revise a fifth grade divine runic symbol!

This was a gargantuan project. The revision of a fifth grade divine runic symbol was several times more difficult than that of a fourth grade divine runic symbol!

Even though Lin Ming had some previous experiences, he would still struggle with it.

Lin Ming secluded himself in his divine runic arts room and restarted the days of neglecting to eat and sleep.

A massive amount of materials was placed atop the divine runic table. Jade slips were haphazardly scattered everywhere as he made new calculations and deductions every night.

Making countless calculations all day long was an extremely arduous and tedious process. Luckily, Xiao Moxian would frequently make soul recovery soups and bring them to him, relieving his boredom and making him feel a hint of pleasure and concern.

But, Lin Ming was well aware that the revision of a fifth grade divine runic symbol could not be accomplished in one go like with a fourth grade divine runic symbol. Rather, the process was divided into multiple stages and each stage only represented a part.

What Lin Ming studied now was only the theoretical basis behind it.

If Lin Ming didn’t have any inspirations, he would find something else to do.

And of these other things, the most important was to refine a soul recovery pill for Empyrean Divine Mist.

A soul recovery pill that could help an Empyrean would have a grade close to a transcendent divine pill. It would be extremely difficult to refine.

At least, this was with Lin Ming’s current level.

Time passed a day at a time. In the blink of an eye, 20 days had passed since Lin Ming handed in his mission.

At the front lines of the Extreme Star Holy Lands, ten Holy Lord level squads were gathered together. The 100 plus people were called here to hold a war assembly.

This sort of war assembly would occur every month. Everyone would freely exchange information. This included information they obtained on enemies, fighting tactics, and new adaptations to make on the battlefield.

At this time, in a corner of the assembly, a tall and majestic man was standing there. This big fellow had a long beard and a pair of large axes hanging on his back. He was currently beaming with joy!

“I’m not exaggerating! You have no idea what the scene was like at the time! There were over 21 opponents and also two late Holy Lords leading them! As for us, we only had 10 people; this was a completely one-sided match! And, those saint demons even laid traps for us. With an order from the captain we engaged them in a brutal struggle for survival. That battle was truly world-shaking, enough to shock gods and alarm ghosts!

The big fellow was speaking so fast and excitedly that his beard was flying up. Then, a strong hand slapped his back and an icy voice sounded out. “Sit down and stop making things up!”

After being yelled at the big bearded fellow wasn’t feeling too good. But as he turned around, he saw the one standing behind him was his captain – Dunepeak.

The bearded fellow immediately shut up. He said, “Captain, I’m just telling the truth… where am I making things up…”

“Good. Then shut up.”

Even though Dunepeak had earned a massive merit he still couldn’t be happy about this war assembly. He knew that he couldn’t conceal his combat report, otherwise that would be a grave and oftentimes fatal offense. But, he still had a single worry. That was… once he gave his report, would the strange Havoc Flame Symbols in their hands be confiscated by the higher powers?

Before this, he had learned through other channels that it was only his squad’s Havoc Flame Symbols that had special effects; the divine runic symbols of the other squads were the same as before and could only be used once.

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