MW Chapter 1605

Chapter 1605 – Special Effect

For the squad led by Dunepeak, a peak fourth grade divine runic symbol was just barely enough. The effects were far inferior to those of a true fifth grade divine runic symbol.

The ten of them were all at the Holy Lord realm. According to the cultivation of a Holy Lord martial artist, they had the strength to use a fifth grade divine runic symbol. As for a sixth grade divine runic symbol, their cultivation wasn’t enough; they simply weren’t able to activate one.

“Captain, the Heavenly Fire Symbols we applied for haven’t been approved. They’ve only sent us these little things.”

A squad member slapped the 20 Havoc Flame Symbols on a table, looking a bit depressed.

“What are you talking about? What are you calling ‘little things’? These are peak fourth grade Havoc Flame Symbols and their effects aren’t much worse than those of fifth grade divine runic symbols. We should be happy that we’re able to use them. Do you know how tight the current supply of divine runic symbols and pills is right now? The warfront consumes massive amounts of every type and many squads like us are fighting bravely without anything to help them and yet we’ve got so many supplies to use!

“Cheer up guys! Some of you come from the outer Asura Road and some of you come from the 33 universes. In your universes do you have something like our divine runic symbols? Isn’t fighting just the same? When we battle others we fight mainly by ourselves. These divine runic symbols only serve a supportive role.”

“Captain is right!”

After being berated by the captain, the other squad members seemed to perk up, many of them seemingly reignited. Indeed, even without divine runic symbols they could still fight!

“Everyone gets two Havoc Flame Symbols. This means that your lives can be saved two times. Make sure to be careful when you use them. Now, let’s go!”

The captain waved his hand and the rest of the squad followed.


War was like a blazing inferno, a raging fire, fierce and tragic!

Every day a massive number of masters perished. If an ordinary Holy Land was to be sucked up into this war between two goliaths they would soon be ruined without even dregs remaining.

The spiritas Extreme Star Holy Lands and the saint Heaven Strife Holy Lands had a long-standing feud. But now, because of a titanic mineral resource trove discovered in an inner sea, the endless entanglements and hostilities of the past mixed together and finally erupted into an all-out war between two Empyrean level influences!

As long as one party could suppress the other they could monopolize the giant resource trove and then expand!

The several main leaders of these two great influences all had Empyrean level cultivations and none of them were able to do anything to the others. In this case, cutting down the subordinate strength of the other party was the most effective method possible. If an Empyrean lost their Heavenly Palace and Holy Lands, and all of their disciples, followers, and descendants were killed off, leaving them all by their lonesome, then could they still be considered an Empyrean level influence? What ability would they have to monopolize an inner sea giant mineral lode that was a million miles wide?

Thus, the war between these two great influences involved all their World Kings, Holy Lords, and even Divine Lord martial artists!

These mid-ranked powerhouses of the Empyrean level influences battled amongst the inner sea and the countless islands that dotted it, filling the air with the smell of slaughter and blood! As for the small squads, they were all assigned to engage in minor guerilla battles.

Dunepeak’s squad was filled with experienced soldiers. All of them knew what combat tactics they should use. As for special items like recovery pills, they were all one-time consumable items. They were to be saved until they absolutely had to be used.

In order to maintain their life-saving cards, they chose battles that were favorable to them and ones where they could launch sneak attacks. But in this world of war and intrigue, how could they avoid being stabbed in the back themselves? At this time, Dunepeak’s squad had finally been surrounded by an enemy ambush.

As they saw an old opponent that had almost been extinguished by their squad last time, Dunepeak’s complexion became extremely ugly.

“Old friend, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other, hahaha!”

A brazen and contemptuous laugh echoed out in the air. A man wearing black armor and with a thick scar on his face stepped forwards. This man had a dragon saber strapped to his back. The dragon saber was the height of a man and a half and left deep imprints in the ground with every step.

Behind this scarred man were also 20 Holy Lord martial artists!

This was a combination of two squads. The other squad was a brother squad of the scar-faced man and together they were twice as strong as Dunepeak’s squad in terms of combat strength. If a true life or death battle were to occur here today, then Dunepeak’s squad would suffer certain disastrous defeat!

They only had two roads to take. One was to fight with their lives on the line and risk themselves to cause heavy losses to the enemy.

The second was to scatter in all directions and let the enemy kill half of them without being able to do anything to them at all. As the members of Dunepeak’s squad realized this, their complexions became extremely ugly.

“Tyrant Blade, I’m surprised you haven’t died yet!” Dunepeak’s voice was icy cold.

“Haha, if you haven’t died, how could I die? Thanks to you, all of my brothers were killed off last time! Now, I will use your life to pay tribute to their souls. Go, kill them all!”

Tyrant Saber waved his hand and his squad of 20 violently clashed with Dunepeak’s squad of 10!

In a life or death slaughter, neither side held back. For a time horrifying waves rose up in the inner sea.

However, Dunepeak’s squad had half the members of their enemies. With one person being forced to face two they were quickly suppressed.

In just a short half incense stick of time within this brutal combat, several of Dunepeak’s squad members had received heavy wounds!

In terms of their mortal bodies, the spiritas martial artists were far inferior to the saint martial artists. Even if the saint martial artists were injured it wouldn’t affect their combat strength too much. But once a spiritas martial artist was wounded, their combat strength would be heavily influenced.


With a miserable cry, one of Dunepeak’s squad members had his left arm chopped off!

The left arm that shined with the light of a spiritas was flung high in the air, its blood sprinkling down into the choppy waters below!

“Crimson Cloud!”

Dunepeak watched as one of his own brothers was heavily wounded. It was likely that all ten of them would be buried here today. A deep feeling of despair and anger rose up in his heart.

“Kill kill kill them all! Killing one is enough, killing two is a profit!”

The soldiers were always somewhat bloody. Dunepeak didn’t want to be chased around the inner sea like dogs to their death. He led his squad into a life or death battle!

“Haha, beat him to death!”

The two saint soldiers grinned as they rushed towards Crimson Cloud. But, Crimson Cloud himself had already suffered a severe wound and was no longer able to resist.

Dunepeak watched helplessly as all of this unfolded before him. He wasn’t able to go out and help because he was facing two captain level characters at the same time, one of them Tyrant Saber!

Saber light flashed. Crimson Cloud thought that his life had was at its end. All he could do now was give everything he had and try to drag down one of them to the grave with him!

He pulled out the two Havoc Flame Symbols he had just obtained yesterday!

This sort of peak fourth grade offensive divine runic symbol was almost equal to Crimson Cloud’s all-out strike. Only in a state where both he and the enemy were wounded would this type of divine runic symbol have a miraculous effect. If he used it right at the start of battle then it wouldn’t be too useful.

Currently, Crimson Cloud was heavily wounded and could no longer use any techniques. All he could do was throw out these Havoc Flame Symbols and struggle with his enemies!

Even if he couldn’t kill them he could at least wound them.

“Be careful! Those are divine runic symbols!”

The saint martial artists felt their hearts gripped as Crimson Cloud took out two Havoc Flame Symbols.

During the battle between the saints and the spiritas, the saints had suffered the full pain wrought by these divine runic symbols.

Because the saints didn’t create divine runic symbols they also didn’t have sources for divine runic symbols. Their advantage came from their strong endurance and resilience that allowed for sustained fighting. But when it came to equipment, pills, and divine runic symbols, they were far inferior to the spiritas. Many times, the spiritas had used these divine runic symbols to change the course of a battle.

Thus, they were certainly afraid of these things.

“Defend together!”

The two saint martial artists shouted, revolving their astral essence to the limit to form a barrier. And at this time, the two Havoc Flame Symbols exploded!

The dao patterns of the Asura Heavenly Dao wove together in the skies. Fire energy wildly surged out in all directions. For a time, the entire sky was lit up with a deep crimson light!

The two saint martial artists were pushed back as their astral essence resisted the flaming heat of these Havoc Flame Symbols!

With the two Havoc Flame Symbols used together, their total might was twice that of Crimson Cloud’s all out strike. Even though the two saint martial artists had joined together they still felt it difficult to withstand!

“These flames, how can they have a corrosive power? They’re corroding away at our astral essence!”

Seeing their protective astral essence melting away like wax in a fire, the complexions of the two saint martial artists changed.

They felt that the flames released by this Havoc Flame Symbol were far beyond ordinary. They carried with them an attribute of destruction!

Ka ka ka!

Their protective astral essence was split apart. The two saint martial artists were overwhelmed with shock. The power of these Havoc Flame Symbols far surpassed the usual; they had already burnt through their protective astral essence.

“Bodily defense!”

The bodies of the saint martial artists were ranked in first amongst all the various races; they were comparable to ancient vicious beasts. Even if their protective astral essence shattered they still had their physical bodies as a second layer of defense.

Energy erupted from their bodies. The bones of the two saint martial artists released explosive crackling sounds! But at this time, the destructive flames were already falling down upon them in a deluge of fire.


The flames exploded and black flames burnt through the air. The two saint martial artists screamed in pain as they were sent flying away. Their chests and arms were scorched black, even revealing the bones beneath!

However, the life force of the saint martial artists was far too formidable. Even though they were burnt to such a degree they still maintained a considerable level of combat strength.

“How horrifying!”

The two saint martial artists began to drip with a cold sweat. These wounds could heal in one or two days, and if they used pills it would be even quicker.

However, they felt a moment of impending doom as those flames scorched them. This was because they had no idea when those dreadful black flames would finally burn out.

Luckily, their astral essence was deeper and managed to hold out until the end of these flames.

“Not a single one died…”

Crimson Cloud mirthlessly smiled. It was already extremely good for a peak fourth grade divine runic symbol to have such an effect.

To depend on two one-time use peak fourth grade divine runic symbols to kill two Holy Lord powerhouses wasn’t realistic to begin with. A divine runic symbol could only display its best effects when a battle reached its white-hot phase.

“If only these were fifth grade divine runic symbols…”

Crimson Cloud spat out a mouthful of blood, his face pale. To fight two enemies alone, this step was his limit. He hated himself for being useless and not being able to lighten the burden for his brothers.

Just as he was planning to burn his soul and send out one final strike, an incomprehensible scene occurred in front of Crimson Cloud!

After the flames of the Havoc Flame Symbol disappeared, the mystical dao patterns that spread through the air still didn’t vanish. Even the two talisman papers that had the lines of the dao patterns were unharmed.

The Asura dao patterns continued to revolve according to innumerable mysterious rules. Then, beneath the incredulous eyes of Crimson Cloud, the dao patterns fused back together, forming two new Havoc Flame Symbols!

It was like the two Havoc Flame Symbols had never been used before!

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