MW Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604 – Handing in the Mission

Xiao Moxian was originally the bright pearl in Empyrean Demondawn’s eyes, and within the monster race she was considered a little princess.

From birth to adulthood, Xiao Moxian had been a star that countless planets revolved around. There were countless young elites that did everything they could to win her favor and innumerable Elders who praised her to the heavens.

In the Divine Realm, whether it was the monster race, demon race, or human race, as long as Xiao Moxian was mentioned, it would be like the arrival of a legend. She was the proudest daughter of heaven, a mystical woman who left all the chosen prides of heavens drowning in love.

In this sort of situation, Xiao Moxian was considerably proud in her heart. This was a type of arrogance she was born with, one that belonged to the most superb woman of a generation.

However, when she was with Lin Ming, she had always taken him as the center. Whether it was giving her primordial yin to Lin Ming, dual cultivating with him, busily following him around everywhere, or even cooking up soup for him, everything she did had been for him. In front of Lin Ming, she didn’t display her usual haughtiness and arrogance.

Like this, Xiao...

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