MW Chapter 1604

Chapter 1604 – Handing in the Mission

Xiao Moxian was originally the bright pearl in Empyrean Demondawn’s eyes, and within the monster race she was considered a little princess.

From birth to adulthood, Xiao Moxian had been a star that countless planets revolved around. There were countless young elites that did everything they could to win her favor and innumerable Elders who praised her to the heavens.

In the Divine Realm, whether it was the monster race, demon race, or human race, as long as Xiao Moxian was mentioned, it would be like the arrival of a legend. She was the proudest daughter of heaven, a mystical woman who left all the chosen prides of heavens drowning in love.

In this sort of situation, Xiao Moxian was considerably proud in her heart. This was a type of arrogance she was born with, one that belonged to the most superb woman of a generation.

However, when she was with Lin Ming, she had always taken him as the center. Whether it was giving her primordial yin to Lin Ming, dual cultivating with him, busily following him around everywhere, or even cooking up soup for him, everything she did had been for him. In front of Lin Ming, she didn’t display her usual haughtiness and arrogance.

Like this, Xiao Moxian would absolutely not allow other women to put on appearances in front of Lin Ming.

How could an arrogant woman like herself possibly endure another woman mocking her man?

She long felt ill when she looked at this Suya, and now she wanted to walk over and give her two slaps to the face.

Sensing Xiao Moxian’s strong hostility, Suya frowned. She continued to lay back on her couch, not bothering to move at all. “What? You want to hit me? This is the special area of the Extreme Star Holy Lands and also where I work. If you do anything to me I will recognize it as an attempt to destroy the cooperative relationship between the Extreme Star Holy Lands and the Divine Runic Masters Guild. If any losses are incurred and the war effort is delayed, can you take on responsibility for this?”

Suya’s voice was indifferent, but there was a clear threat behind her words. “If you have nothing else then you can leave. I won’t send you off!”

Suya didn’t place Xiao Moxian’s threat in her eyes. She clearly had her own strength and was confident in herself.

“This woman is hiding her cultivation…”

Lin Ming deeply looked at Suya and yet wasn’t able to see what her cultivation was. This was a method similar to Mo Brightmoon’s.

Lin Ming estimated that Suya wasn’t weak at all. If she was sent by the Extreme Star Holy Lands and was also responsible for all contact between them and the Divine Runic Masters Guild, as well as being the person in charge here, then she definitely wasn’t some common person.

Moreover, Old Xue had also reminded him to not view Suya as just a beautiful vase. She had her own exquisite methods.

“Let’s not argue with her. Xian’er, let’s go.”

Lin Ming grabbed Xiao Moxian’s hand.

Xiao Moxian could barely endure this insult. But at this time she really couldn’t do anything to Suya.

“Those divine runic symbols…” Xiao Moxian pointed to the 20 divine runic symbols on the countertop. Lin Ming had spent a great deal of energy and time drawing up those divine runic symbols. If they were handed over like this then that was far too great a loss!

Xiao Moxian had watched Lin Ming’s three months of hard work. Those were the result of Lin Ming’s painstaking effort and they also concerned whether or not Lin Ming would be able to smoothly open the second Dao Palace of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace in the future. It would even affect the results of the final smelting trial.

Thus, Xiao Moxian was even more nervous than Lin Ming was.

She felt that Lin Ming would need to receive at least several dozen million contribution points for these 20 divine runic symbols for it to be even.

But Lin Ming simply smiled gently at her and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

He believed that gold would always shine in the end.

As Lin Ming was walking away, Suya was a bit startled. She said, “You don’t want to take your contribution points?”

According to the agreement, Lin Ming would receive 50,000-60,000 contribution points upon completing the mission.

“Raindrop, pay Sir Lin the contribution points.”

As Suya spoke, she continued to lazily lean back on her couch. She didn’t intend on speaking to Lin Ming again.

To Suya, Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian were characters on the level of little brothers and sisters, filled with a vigorous youth and loving to compete with others. However, their antics had no effect on Suya.

Only a peak fifth grade or sixth grade divine runic master would have Suya standing up to greet them and see them off. For them, she would even personally process the payment of their contribution points.

With Suya’s orders, a green-clothed Raindrop walked forwards, carrying a pink jade slip in her hands. This jade slip had the contribution points recorded within it.

This green-clothed girl’s manners were quite humble. She offered forth the pink jade slip and said in a soft voice, “Sir Lin, these are your contribution points. There are a total of 60,000. Please verify them.”

The green-clothed girl gently poured her true essence into the jade slip and a brilliant light flashed atop it. Runes began to appear in the air like flashing stars.

These runes were only for accounting; there was no other effect. As long as Lin Ming received them with his divine runic masters badge then these runes would become his points.

The runes for contribution points seemed simple but creating fakes was impossible. This was because every rune had a corresponding twin rune within the Divine Runic Masters Guild. Once it was used up the two twin runes would collide and destroy each other.

If one created a fake rune, there would not be such an effect because no matter how clever a divine runic master was, they still couldn’t change the rune record within the guild headquarters.

To a third grade divine runic master, 60,000 contribution points was an absolutely massive sum of wealth.

However, Suya didn’t expect that Lin Ming would lightly smile and say, “No need.”

“Mm? What do you mean?” Suya looked at Lin Ming with surprise. Turning in a complete mission and receiving points was a completely justified course of action and yet he didn’t want to receive them? Then what was the point of taking on missions?

In the Divine Runic Masters Guild, contribution points were much more precious than more common forms of wealth like nine sun jades. This was because many rare materials required contributions points for purchase. A sixth grade divine runic master would never complain that they had too many contribution points.

Lin Ming casually said, “Let’s just leave it like this. I will temporarily not take my contribution points reward for completing the 20 divine runic symbols.”

Lin Ming wasn’t interested in only 60,000 contribution points. To put it more bluntly, this was like trying to send away a beggar with change. What he needed was 3 billion points; taking or leaving 60,000 points made no difference to that end sum.

If he took it then that was equal to giving his own 20 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols for free. Lin Ming wasn’t stupid enough to do something like that.

But if he didn’t take the reward then these 20 Nirvanic Tribulation Flame Symbols could be considered as being lent out. Lin Ming said he wouldn’t receive the points reward temporarily; that didn’t mean he would give them away.

“Why don’t you want them now? Do you think my Extreme Star Holy Lands lacks points to reward you?” Suya’s words had a faint arrogance to them. Although she was being pushed around and was in a mess due to the Extreme Star Command issued by Extreme Star Heavenly Palace, to outsiders, Suya was still the calm and confident woman she was before.

She was just like these high and mighty arrogant divine runic masters. As long as she left the confines of her room she would always be dressed properly and impeccably, revealing nothing but her perfect temperament and good image in order to avoid losing any face.

Lin Ming faintly smiled, “Lady Suya says that, but at the same time I do not need your points.”

He responded to Suya, countering her words.

Suya looked at Lin Ming with surprise. Her lips curved up in a playful smile. She mockingly said, “If I’m not wrong, up until now Sir Lin’s contribution points should have been at zero… I heard that you left the Divine Runic Masters Guild for a long time and didn’t receive a salary during that period. And now that you’ve come back for three months, you still haven’t collected any accounts. If you did, then according to your standard as a third grade divine runic master, shouldn’t you have… well… five points?”

The Divine Runic Masters Guild only offered a pitiful salary for low level divine runic masters. This was to encourage divine runic masters to take on missions. The guild had no interest in supporting bums.

A third grade divine runic master would only receive 20 points every year. Lin Ming had been back for three months so he should have received five points.

“Sir Lin, you only have five points so are you sure you don’t need these 60,000 points?”

Suya’s smile became increasingly wide and bright. She originally thought that her verbal attack was strong enough to leave a mark, but she never imagined that Lin Ming wouldn’t be embarrassed at all. Instead, he smiled and said, “Miss Suya, you’ve investigated quite clearly but there is no need for you to worry about my salary. Perhaps a month from now, my total amount of points will have reached a considerable level. There even might be people scrambling to ask me to produce divine runic symbols…”

Lin Ming’s words were subtle. He only used vague terms like ‘considerable’ and ‘might be people’.

However, as Suya heard this, she thought that this Lin Ming was simply incorrigible.

Initially, Lin Ming had put on some act to take a look at fifth grade missions and ended up choosing fourth grade missions. Then, after three whole months passed, he used 150 portions of materials and an amount of time nearly 10 times what others would take to produce 20 divine runic symbols. Moreover, he likely had to request help from someone to finish this mission.

Suya already felt that she had given him sufficient face in not ruining his act last time, but he was still continuing it.

He was clearly poor and yet he didn’t want to take the contribution points after turning in the mission. He was pretending to be a wealthy person and even his smile seemed to carry a profoundly fake taste to it.

Then, he actually dared to say that a month from now there would be some people who would be scrambling to ask him to make divine runic symbols. And, she could feel that the ‘some people’ Lin Ming was referring to was actually pointing to herself.

She was disinclined to bother with a ridiculous fool like Lin Ming. She lightly said, “I have no idea who will be scrambling for you to make divine runic symbols in the future, but I don’t have any intention of doing so. If you want to slap yourself in the face by putting on such a stupid farce then go ahead. If you don’t wish to receive those 60,000 points then I won’t force you either. I don’t have the interest or time to play around with you. Today’s transactions are over now. I thank you for handing in your mission and I won’t be seeing you off.”

As Suya spoke she picked up her wine glass, gently swishing it around and taking a sip.

The red wine shimmered along her ruby red lips. When coordinated with her long loose dress and her slightly visible breasts, she exuded an alluring sex appeal.

Lin Ming smiled and left the Mission Division with Xiao Moxian.

Extreme Star Heavenly Palace was in drastic need of divine runic symbols. Three days later, the 20 divine runic symbols that Lin Ming drew up were sent to the front lines.

The ones that obtained this batch of divine runic symbols were a ten man squad of Holy Lords.

The squad captain was known as Dunepeak and he was a late Holy Lord powerhouse. The other squad members were all at the early Holy Lord realm.

This squad had already fought on the front lines for a long time and was in dire need of supplies.

Now, they finally obtained 20 Havoc Flame Symbols. And the bottom right corners of these Havoc Flame Symbols had a Lin character inscribed on them.


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