MW Chapter 1602

Chapter 1602 – Suya’s Troubles

In his high degree of concentration, Lin Ming simply didn’t feel time pass by. It was only when he reached into his spatial ring with his sense to take out several materials for more verifications did he discover there was nothing there.

Lin Ming was stunned. Then he realized he had used up all the materials he purchased.

Originally, when Lin Ming was at Suya’s counter he had purchased enough materials to create 20 Havoc Flame Symbols. But now, because he had been experimenting with all these materials and he would have to throw out the materials after every failure, this quick consumption caused him to use up all his materials for Havoc Flame Symbols in just ten days.

“If I knew this I would’ve bought more…”

Lin Ming shook his head and walked out of his divine runic arts room.

After ten days of continuous calculations, because Lin Ming had continually overdrawn his soul force his eyes were bloodshot, his hair was messy, and he appeared haggard.

With this sort of grubby appearance, it contrasted sharply with divine runic masters that paid such great attention to their image.

As Lin Ming walked, many divine runic masters looked at him with strange and surprised eyes, as if they had seen some ugly monster walking before them. Lin Ming...

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