MW Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601 - Havoc Flame Symbol

A Havoc Flame Symbol was formed from more than 800 tiny runes, and each tiny rune had its own profound structure.

In order to draw one up, one had to have excellent attainments in the divine runic arts and the divine runic master had to have a thorough understanding of the Fire Laws.

When the Havoc Flame Symbol was activated, it would erupt with an annihilating flame that could melt away mountains and evaporate rivers. This required that the divine runic master have an understanding of the Fire Laws that reached the sixth level Concept.

This was also another reason that Lin Ming chose the Havoc Flame Symbol. If he drew this symbol up then he would have a natural advantage over others because his Fire Laws already touched upon the seventh level Concept. Although he was inferior to Xiao Moxian, his understanding was still superior to that of most ordinary fire-attribute ordinary World Kings!

Lin Ming had originally inherited Torchriver’s memories, and with his extraordinary soul force, understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, and deep understanding of the Fire Laws, he was able to easily draw up the first Havoc Flame Symbol. After undergoing a few problems, Lin Ming quickly produced a successful result.

The palm-sized divine runic symbol in his hand had a warm atmosphere to it.

This Havoc Flame Symbol was already successfully drawn up and matched every standard. As long as Lin Ming could draw up 19 more than he could complete the mission.

But Lin Ming didn’t plan to do so.

Even if he completed the mission and obtained 50,000-60,000 contribution points then that was still meaningless. It was simply far too small a number.

He held onto the Havoc Flame Symbol and walked out of the divine runic symbol drawing room.

“Sir, may I help you?”

The young receptionist who had helped Lin Ming before bowed as she saw him, sweetly smiling. Towards this wealthy young divine runic master who also had outstanding looks, it was inevitable that a young girl like her would develop a good impression.

“I need an array formation to test the power of a divine runic symbol.”

“Of course.” The young receptionist smiled. “All divine runic masters that have rented our rooms may use our test array formation at no cost.”

The young receptionist led Lin Ming to another room. This room was completely sealed off and the walls and floor were all especially supported with array formations. In addition to the power of space locked in here, even a tremendously powerful divine runic symbol would find it hard to destroy this place.

The young girl pointed to a platform in the center. This was where the test array formation was.

Lin Ming took the Havoc Flame Symbol and stepped onto the platform. The young receptionist politely drew back. All divine runic masters were sensitive about their inheritances and kept them strictly confidential; it wasn’t good manners to look at their experiments.

As the young girl left, Lin Ming started the array formation.

This array formation was in itself an illusory magic array. When Lin Ming activated the array formation his surroundings changed and several ancient great desolate beasts appeared.

These great desolate beasts were simulations created by the array formation. As they appeared, they turned to Lin Ming and savagely roared as if they wanted to eat him whole.

Facing these vicious beasts, Lin Ming slowly lifted the Havoc Flame Symbol.

Flooding the Havoc Flame Symbol with his true essence, hundreds of tiny runes shimmered together. A destructive power erupted from the Havoc Flame Symbol and with an explosive sound the several ancient desolate beasts were swept up in the waves of flames, many of the beasts turning to ash.

Some were severely wounded, but some only suffered minor injuries. There was even one that wasn’t affected at all.

Hu - !

The illusory magic array vanished and all the ancient desolate beasts disappeared.

Lin Ming stepped down from the platform.

The light from the array disc flashed, producing an evaluation of Lin Ming’s divine runic symbol.

“Power: Holy Lord injury level, one star.”

Lin Ming had inherited the memories of three divine runic masters thus he naturally knew what this evaluation meant. A Holy Lord injury level evaluation meant that this Havoc Flame Symbol could heavily wound or even kill a Holy Lord level martial artist.

And Holy Lord level injuries were divided into five magnitudes. A Holy Lord one star was the worst magnitude possible.

“Only a Holy Lord one star… it’s a bit weak.”

Lin Ming shook his head, not too satisfied with this injury level. With his understanding of the seventh level Fire Laws, his strength as a fifth grade divine runic master, and also his comprehensions of the Asura Heavenly Dao, the divine runic symbol he drew up was only able to severely wound the weakest of Holy Lords. He wasn’t content with this result at all.

But, if any other divine runic masters were to hear Lin Ming’s thoughts now, all of them might die from vomiting blood.

In the domain of divine runic arts, a sixth grade divine runic master was equivalent to a World King, a fifth grade divine runic master was equivalent to a Holy Lord, and a fourth grade divine runic master was equivalent to a Divine Lord.

Lin Ming had drawn up a peak fourth grade divine runic symbol. Ordinarily this level should be able to heavily injure a late Divine Lord or wound a half-step Holy Lord.

But now it was already exaggerated that Lin Ming’s Havoc Flame Symbol had reached a Holy Lord one star injury level. Most importantly, this was the first time that Lin Ming had drawn it up!

How could anyone still live upon hearing this!

Lin Ming recalled that brilliant detonation of flames. In that explosion of flames, Lin Ming had carefully observed the entire process of how the energy within the Havoc Flame Symbol interacted with the Asura Heavenly Dao.

He discovered many places where the flow of energies didn’t harmonize.

The divine runic master who invented the Havoc Flame Symbol in the past simply didn’t understand the Asura Heavenly Dao. Rather, he had used his accumulated experiences to create the Havoc Flame Symbol. Now, to Lin Ming’s eyes, there were many holes in the process where the Havoc Flame Symbol had fused with the Asura Heavenly Dao.

If these holes were fixed then the Havoc Flame Symbol would undergo a massive transformation. As for what this transformation would end up like, Lin Ming wasn’t able to estimate it at all.

Lin Ming would have to finish patching all of these holes before he could further rend judgment.

With these thoughts in mind, Lin Ming stepped out of the test room. He didn’t even hear when the young receptionist greeted him; he had completely immersed himself in his own world.

After returning to his divine runic arts room, Lin Ming began the process of deduction.

He closed his eyes, meditating with the Asura Sutra in mind.

The Asura Sutra was the most current cultivation method of all the ones that Lin Ming possessed. Its grade was at least at the peak True Divinity realm, or possibly even surpassed the boundary of a True Divinity. Even though this cultivation method was still incomplete, the power behind it was incomprehensible!

To be more exact, describing the Asura Sutra as a cultivation method wasn’t wholly accurate.

The Asura Sutra should be called a set of Laws. These were Laws that the Asura Road Master created and stood outside the Laws of the 33 Heavens. It was the 34th Heavenly Dao Law that stood on equal footing with the Laws of the 33 Heavens.

The Asura Heavenly Dao was complex and difficult to understand. The innumerable patterns were ever-changing and impossibly complex! To repair the problems within the Havoc Flame Symbol would be easier said than done!

Lin Ming took out several dozen jade slips, recording all of his calculations within them.

It was impossible to write down the structural patterns of the Heavenly Dao Laws in a journal like mortals did. These different structural patterns had energy transformations that were complex to the extreme. All of these transformations needed to be felt with one’s sense, and then engraved onto a jade slip.

Like this, Lin Ming lost himself in deducing the Asura Heavenly Dao. He compared the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws with the tiny runes in the Havoc Flame Symbol, modifying all the areas that were in disharmony.

From time to time, Lin Ming needed to use materials to draw up tiny runes and test the effects of the modifications.

But in most situations, there would be new problems with the modifications Lin Ming made. Sometimes the entire structure of tiny runes would collapse due to the instability of the energy!

To make these sorts of deductions was far too much work!

Lin Ming’s current understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, when compared to other divine runic masters’, could be called the difference between clouds and mud.

But compared to the entire Asura Heavenly Dao, what Lin Ming understood was only the tip of the iceberg; he was far from being sufficient!

This also caused many new problems to occur as Lin Ming was modifying the Havoc Flame Symbol. His understanding of the Laws was too lacking.


Another brilliant burst of flames appeared in front of Lin Ming. The several dozen tiny runes he drew up exploded, indicating that new problems occurred in the revisions Lin Ming had just made.

This situation had already occurred countless times. The results that he had carefully calculated again and again were proven wrong during experimentation and had to be redone once more. This sort of frustration couldn’t be tolerated by most people.

However, Lin Ming’s patience and stubbornness far surpassed that of others.

With every wrong calculation he would begin anew, making deduction after deduction until he made it right.

Like this, Lin Ming made deductions through the day and night. He had already achieved a wholly absorbed state, not eating food or drinking any water. It was only when Lin Ming completely exhausted his soul force that he stopped. Then, he revolved the Divine Mist Heart Mantra, restoring his soul force and beginning once again. Soon, ten days passed in an instant…

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