MW Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601 - Havoc Flame Symbol

A Havoc Flame Symbol was formed from more than 800 tiny runes, and each tiny rune had its own profound structure.

In order to draw one up, one had to have excellent attainments in the divine runic arts and the divine runic master had to have a thorough understanding of the Fire Laws.

When the Havoc Flame Symbol was activated, it would erupt with an annihilating flame that could melt away mountains and evaporate rivers. This required that the divine runic master have an understanding of the Fire Laws that reached the sixth level Concept.

This was also another reason that Lin Ming chose the Havoc Flame Symbol. If he drew this symbol up then he would have a natural advantage over others because his Fire Laws already touched upon the seventh level Concept. Although he was inferior to Xiao Moxian, his understanding was still superior to that of most ordinary fire-attribute ordinary World Kings!

Lin Ming had originally inherited Torchriver’s memories, and with his extraordinary...

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