MW Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600 – Three Billion Points

Seeing Raindrop record his name on a mission jade slip, Lin Ming seemed to remember something. He asked Suya, “The missions you issue, are materials subsidized?”

The missions that the Extreme Star Holy Lands gave out were mostly to have divine runic masters draw up divine runic symbols or for alchemists to refine pills. Upon completion of these missions, the Extreme Star Holy Lands would give the Divine Runic Masters Guild the rewards and then the Divine Runic Masters Guild would convert this reward to an appropriate portion of points and pay the divine runic master.

But besides rewarding points, the Extreme Star Holy Lands also had to subsidize materials with money.

The Extreme Star Holy Lands would only subsidize the bare minimum of required materials to complete the mission. If a divine runic master or alchemist failed in the creation process then they could only eat the losses themselves.

“You also want materials?” Suya almost laughed out loud from anger. Although she nearly wanted to tell Lin Ming off she had an amazing level of self-restraint. She said, “If you can complete the mission then I will refund the cost of the materials to you. But for now I’ll have to say sorry, you’re going to need to...

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