MW Chapter 1599

Chapter 1599 – Fourth Grade Mission

Seeing the woman in the red dress, Lin Ming was stunned. In the world of martial artists, every place had their own clothing customs. In the human race within the Divine Realm, most clothing types tended towards being conservative. But in the inner Asura Road, many places had women that wore bold and provocative clothing.

And with this woman in front of him dressed the way she was, Lin Ming couldn’t help but acknowledge that she had a special flavor to her. She easily aroused a man’s desire to conquer and ravish.

“This woman is quite extraordinary…”

Lin Ming said, his eyes remaining glued to the woman’s body.

Old Xue cheekily grinned. He said to Lin Ming, “Isn’t she a top grade woman? She is from the Extreme Star Holy Lands and her name is Suya. Don’t look down on her, she’s not simple at all!”

Old Xue traced his beard, meaning thick in his voice. He knew that someone with an explosive figure like Suya who dressed in such enchanting clothing exerted a considerably strong attraction towards young men. Her body was like a ripe peach, making everyone want to take a bit of her.

Seeing Old Xue’s expression, Xiao Moxian coughed...

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