MW Chapter 1598

Chapter 1598 – Mission Division

“Lin Ming… what do you plan on doing? 700-800 million points to buy a single one of the materials you need, how could we afford that?”

Although Xiao Moxian’s lips twitched as she saw Old Xue’s disdainful attitude, she couldn’t help but acknowledge that what he said was the truth.

There was simply an astronomical number of contribution points needed to buy these materials. Not to mention that even if they had the contribution points they also needed nine sun jades.

And their nine sun jades weren’t enough.

“Let’s go take a look. Maybe there’s some way we can earn some…”

Lin Ming thought for a moment. He knew that there were several ways in the Divine Runic Masters Guild to earn points.

The first way was a monthly salary. However, as a third grade divine runic master his monthly salary was negligible; it was simply far too little.

The second way was to trade, but Lin Ming couldn’t think of anything he could take out to sell for a large number of contribution points. He had some of the pills and divine...

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