MW Chapter 1597

Chapter 1597 – Astronomically Expensive Materials

When Lin Ming returned to Divine Rune City, he discovered that the atmosphere was different from before. There were over ten times the guards stationed at the city gates.

Originally, there were several guards at the gates of Divine Rune City, and their cultivation was at the Divine Lord realm.

But now, there was a small army of soldiers, and the leader of this group was a Holy Lord.

Every person that entered the city was subjected to a strict interrogation. That Holy Lord captain always held a crystal ball in his hands with strange Law lines that shimmered within it.

These Law lines were clearly due to the divine runic arts. Lin Ming could see from a glance that this crystal ball was used to determine whether or not a martial artist that was trying to enter the city had disguised their cultivation.


Lin Ming rubbed his chin. Why was Divine Rune City on such high alert all of a sudden?

“Is there some influence that wants to attack Divine Rune City?” Xiao Moxian asked.

Lin Ming shook his head. “It shouldn’t be. Divine Rune City is a neutral place to begin with and it is a massive influence with a tremendous number of divine runic masters. There shouldn’t be anyone...

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