MW Chapter 1595

Chapter 1595 – Middle Divine Lord Realm

The young female disciples received the jade box. From the slits of the jade box, a rich medicinal fragrance wafted out.

Just by smelling this medicinal fragrance they felt their bodies relax as comfort swept over them. The true essence circulating within their bodies quickened and their cultivation sharpened by several degrees.

If just smelling this medicinal fragrance had such an effect, then eating a pill directly would have an unimaginable benefit.

The oldest of the three young girls gulped. Her hands trembled as she opened the medicine bottle and several green pills rolled out.

These pills were crystalline and sparkled with a clear light. On the surface of the pills were strange lines, faintly hinting at the aura of mysterious Laws.

These lines that were carved onto the pills were pill symbols. The young girls had never seen these pill symbols before; they couldn’t even recognize the names of most of these pills.

However, Lin Ming had given them several types of pills, and the young girls were able to recognize one of them.

This pill was called a Nine Yang Pill and was used by martial artists at the Xiantian...

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