MW Chapter 1594

Chapter 1594 – Quiet Training

News of Lin Ming establishing his own divine runic arts room and an alchemy room soon spread throughout the entire Blue Moon Sect.

This was extremely fresh and novel news. In the Asura Road, alchemists were not rare, but the occupation of divine runic master was considered a noble career throughout the entire Asura Road. Divine runic masters would only gather in peak great influences as well as large cities devoted to the divine runic arts like Divine Rune City.

But to the Blue Moon Sect, these peak great influences were simply legends amongst legends; it was impossible for them to ever come into contact with them. As for Divine Rune City, only the most amazing elites of the Blue Moon Sect were able to enter; ordinary disciples wouldn’t even be able to step past the city gates.

Thus, the occupation of divine runic master was something that the disciples of the Blue Moon Sect had only heard of but had never seen before. As they suddenly heard that a divine runic master had appeared in their sect, all of them ran over to Lin Ming’s residence to take a look and see just what a divine runic master looked like and what type of work they did.

However, this disciple called Lin Ming didn’t seem willing to communicate with others. When the average person entered his residence he would actually remain in his alchemy...

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