MW Chapter 1593

Chapter 1593 – Blue Moon Sect

The god runes of the Asura Road were originally a manifestation of the Asura Heavenly Dao. Lin Ming relied on his comprehension of the Asura Sutra First Volume to slowly change the positions of these Asura Dao patterns.

These dao patterns existed within Mo Brightmoon’s inner world as threads of energy. After a long time passed, these threads of energy would eventually melt away until they vanished altogether.

But now, they couldn’t afford the time and had to clear out these threads as soon as possible.

Lin Ming found a thread of energy and said to Mo Brightmoon, “I’m going to start. This may hurt.”

Every energy thread of dao patterns had sunk into Mo Brightmoon’s flesh and blood. Wanting to pull them out was the same as drawing out an extremely tough string from someone’s body; there would be a considerable amount of pain.

If a mortal had to withstand this pain they would immediately faint.

Martial artists had a far higher pain tolerance than mortals did. But, their bodies were far more solid so pulling out these energy threads was also much more difficult and painful.

As Lin Ming locked onto an energy thread with his own energy and began to pull it out, Mo Brightmoon violently shook. Small bumps began...

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