MW Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592 – Healing Wounds

The reason that Lin Ming came to the Asura Road was also to enter the final trial. He wasn’t sure just how much of the final trial he could complete.

In completing the final trial, every 5% was a small leap and every 10% was a massive jump.

In the last 100 million years, out of all the innumerable young geniuses that had ventured into the Asura Road from all over the 33 Heavens, including all of the countless martial artists that were native to the Asura Road, when all of these people were added together, only two people had managed to surpass 80% in completion.

Then, there was still 85%, 90%, and even 95%.

Every higher grade meant a massive leap in difficulty!

Lin Ming’s advantage, besides his own talent, was that no one could compete with his understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao. By relying on this, he was greatly anticipating the final trial!

However, in order to enter the final trial there was something he had to inevitably do. This was to experience numerous trials within the Asura...

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