MW Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591 - The Treasure of Heaven’s Net

Now that Tian Mingzi was dead there was no reason for Mo Brightmoon to conceal herself. Moreover, since Lin Ming was the person her older sister had chosen, he was worthy of her complete trust.

Taking off her veil, Mo Brightmoon revealed her gorgeous appearance.

She looked like a young woman, dressed in the tight-fitting corset of the Marvel Blue Nation. This tight corset was short and alluring, serving to perfectly contrast a woman’s curves. Mo Brightmoon wore a pomegranate-colored skirt, the deep red as bright as flowers in full bloom. Gauze was draped over her shoulder, giving her an aura of grace.

Mo Brightmoon loved to dance. When she danced wearing these red palace clothes it highlighted her slim waist and slender figure, making her seem filled with endless flavors.

“It’s really been a long time… since I’ve taken off my veil.”

Mo Brightmoon sighed. Because of Tian Mingzi she had no choice but to live carefully. She knew that Tian Mingzi was always searching for clues about the Magic Cube’s whereabouts, and regardless of her sister or herself, both were objects that Tian Mingzi specifically focused on.

Thus, even within the Asura Road, Mo Brightmoon had concealed her...

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