MW Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591 - The Treasure of Heaven’s Net

Now that Tian Mingzi was dead there was no reason for Mo Brightmoon to conceal herself. Moreover, since Lin Ming was the person her older sister had chosen, he was worthy of her complete trust.

Taking off her veil, Mo Brightmoon revealed her gorgeous appearance.

She looked like a young woman, dressed in the tight-fitting corset of the Marvel Blue Nation. This tight corset was short and alluring, serving to perfectly contrast a woman’s curves. Mo Brightmoon wore a pomegranate-colored skirt, the deep red as bright as flowers in full bloom. Gauze was draped over her shoulder, giving her an aura of grace.

Mo Brightmoon loved to dance. When she danced wearing these red palace clothes it highlighted her slim waist and slender figure, making her seem filled with endless flavors.

“It’s really been a long time… since I’ve taken off my veil.”

Mo Brightmoon sighed. Because of Tian Mingzi she had no choice but to live carefully. She knew that Tian Mingzi was always searching for clues about the Magic Cube’s whereabouts, and regardless of her sister or herself, both were objects that Tian Mingzi specifically focused on.

Thus, even within the Asura Road, Mo Brightmoon had concealed her identity and hidden behind her identity as an assassin.

“Miss Brightmoon, I remember that Miss Mo said the Celestial Tyrant Manual in her hands was only a remnant piece that included the Eight Inner Hidden Gates. Just where did the section in your hands come from?”

Lin Ming had long had this question on his mind. If the Verdant Feather Holy Lands’ Celestial Tyrant Manual was originally complete and he had the Eight Inner Hidden Gates section while Blood Moon had the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section, then Lin Ming would have thought that Blood Moon was Mo Brightmoon from the start.

Mo Brightmoon said, “This half of the Celestial Tyrant Manual was found in the same ancient ruins as the Magic Cube. I knew that with my talent it would be incomparably difficult for me to catch up to the older Tian Mingzi, thus I searched everywhere I could for lucky chances.

“When the Verdant Feather Holy Lands was destroyed, I learned the method to enter the ancient ruins of the Magic Cube. I went in with the mindset of risking my life, and when I entered the ruins to seek lucky chances I was at the half-step World King realm and even then I nearly died. But in the end, I didn’t obtain anything. My only harvest was this half of the Celestial Tyrant Manual that I couldn’t cultivate.

“At the time I thought I had gone there in vain and was left disappointed, but today I rejoice my choice for going there. If it weren’t for this half of the Celestial Tyrant Manual then I never would have met you and obtained news about my big sister.”

Mo Brightmoon sighed inwardly. She had once journeyed the world to seek lucky chances, and in retrospect, they were soul-stirring memories. Many times, a single misstep and she would have perished.

As for the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace section of the Celestial Tyrant Manual, Mo Brightmoon truly wasn’t able to practice it. She wasn’t like her older sister who had made dual cultivating body and energy her goal. Instead, she mostly cultivated the essence gathering system and had only dabbled in the body transformation system, not looking into it too thoroughly.

“So it’s like that.” Lin Ming relaxed. “What does Miss Brightmoon plan to do in the future? Would you like to return with me to the Divine Realm?”

“I will definitely go back. In the past when I was asking all around for mystic realms, I didn’t have many lucky chances. But, I did accidently obtain an ancient Asura Command. With this token I was able to enter the Asura Road to adventure and temper myself as well as avoid being hunted down by Tian Mingzi. His presence was simply too terrifying. I feared that if I stayed in the Divine Realm I would eventually be found by him!”

Tian Mingzi’s character was cruel and cunning and he also had the support of the Skydark Holy Lands. If he didn’t hesitate to spend any price to find Mo Brightmoon then it wouldn’t have been strange for him to eventually find her. After all, her cultivation had been extremely low at the time and as she constantly cultivated and constantly searched for lucky chances, she would likely have exposed clues about herself.

As long as Tian Mingzi was able to locate her approximate position then no matter how well Mo Brightmoon concealed herself she still wouldn’t have been able to hide the truth from Tian Mingzi’s eyes.

This point was different from Mo Riverbliss. Originally, Tian Mingzi didn’t know that the Verdant Feather Holy Lands had left behind Carefree Island as their emergency contingency. Moreover, Mo Riverbliss was old and her potential was exhausted, so she didn’t need to leave to search for lucky chances and could quietly live in seclusion. As long as she didn’t expose herself then no matter how smart Tian Mingzi was, he still wouldn’t find her.

“So Miss Brightmoon had an Asura Command!”

Before Lin Ming entered the Asura Road, Empyrean Divine Dream had told Lin Ming there were two ways to enter the Asura Road.

One way was to have an Empyrean help and forcefully reform one of the spatial channels that had been destroyed in the great calamity 3.6 billion years ago.

The second way was to obtain an Asura Command.

Asura Commands originated from the Asura Road. Before the great calamity in the Divine Realm 3.6 billion years ago, it was possible to find many Asura Commands wandering about the Divine Realm. If one could find an Asura Command then one didn’t need to form a transmission channel and could use the Asura Command to directly enter the Asura Road. Moreover, this Asura Command was one of the items needed to return to the Divine Realm.

Mo Brightmoon had an Asura Command so she could leave and enter the Asura Road as she pleased. Of course, using it required a massive amount of origin energy runes each time, an amount most martial artists couldn’t afford to pay.

“Then what does Miss Mo have planned for the near future? Do you plan to stay in the Marvel Blue Nation and help Lord Snow ascend the throne?”

Mo Brightmoon nodded. “When I was being hunted down by high level figures of Heaven’s Net, Lord Snow and Eunuch Liang helped me a great deal. On principle alone, I cannot leave like this. I have to return the favor. Even if I cannot help Lord Snow ascend the throne I at least can keep him from being persecuted by Lord Shen.”

“Mm…” Lin Ming thought for a moment. It was reasonable for Mo Brightmoon to do this but he didn’t plan to involve himself in the imperial struggle.

Lin Ming had already accomplished his goal so he could leave the Marvel Blue Nation whenever he pleased. As for who became emperor, that wasn’t related to him at all.

However, Mo Brightmoon was currently wounded so he couldn’t leave immediately. He had to stay and protect her for some time until her full World King strength was restored. Once that happened, then even the high level figures of Heaven’s Net wouldn’t be able to do anything to her.

Thinking of this, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. “I’m also curious about something else. Why would those from Heaven’s Net have such an unending grudge with Miss Brightmoon? And, did that missing big boss really leave behind something with Miss Brightmoon? If there is some secret involved then Miss Brightmoon need not reply. I’m only randomly asking.”

Mo Brightmoon gently smiled. “There is nothing that cannot be said. Since you are someone Big Sister trusts I will naturally trust you too. The big boss of Heaven’s Net is also called Heaven’s Net. The name of Heaven’s Net is one that reverberates like thunder in the ears of those in the world of assassins. But, there are actually few people, including myself, who know Heaven’s Net is a woman!”

Listening to Mo Brightmoon’s words, Lin Ming was left secretly stumbled. According to what he knew, Heaven’s Net was one of the top ranked assassin organizations, and its big boss was a woman, a woman with a Great World King cultivation! She was someone who had founded an assassin organization that struck fear in the hearts of others. It was hard to imagine just what life she had experienced. Unless she had an entire book of stories it was impossible for her to arrive at this step.

Mo Brightmoon continued, “The reason I joined the Heaven’s Net assassin organization in the past was because when I was adventuring through a mystic realm in the Asura Road, I happened to accidently save the life of a severely wounded Heaven’s Net, thus she and I became as close as sisters. Heaven’s Net trusted few people and I was one of them.

“Heaven’s Net knew that I had a deep and profound blood enmity with someone, thus before she left she gave me something. She told me that if she didn’t return, then I should leave the Heaven’s Net organization and make good use of this item, find a lucky chance and then return to the Divine Realm to avenge my hatreds.

As Mo Brightmoon spoke to here, Lin Ming was startled. It seemed that he had underestimated the value of whatever it was that Heaven’s Net had left behind. He originally thought that whatever it was that a Great World King left behind, no matter how precious it might be, would not be able to tempt an Empyrean. But listening to what Mo Brightmoon was saying, if this thing was able to give her the opportunity to find a lucky chance that could allow her to kill Tian Mingzi, it must be something far more extraordinary.

Lin Ming said, “Tian Mingzi was already a peak Great World King. The disparity between him and Miss Brightmoon was not small at all. If there was a lucky chance capable of overcoming this difference, then I fear even Empyreans would be tempted.”

Listening to Lin Ming, Mo Brightmoon bitterly smiled and shook her head.

“How could it be so easy? The thing that Heaven’s Net left behind represents a lucky chance, and one could even call it the greatest lucky chance of the entire Asura Road! But… it is something I cannot obtain. I am well aware of my own abilities. If I were to use this thing, chances are I would waste it…”

Mo Brightmoon sighed.

The truth was that Mo Brightmoon had an extremely high level of talent. Although she was inferior to the peerless genius that was Mo Eversnow, she was still able to cultivate to the World King realm and even had hopes of becoming a Great World King in the future. This was also the standard of an upper Empyrean descendant.

Most Empyrean descendants would end up as ordinary World Kings. Those that were able to become Great World Kings were outstanding individuals amongst them.

“The great lucky chance in the Asura Road? That would be…”

Lin Ming said, surprised. He could faintly guess just what it was. If it was something that could be called the greatest lucky chance in the Asura Road as well as something that no one could obtain, then there was only one thing that matched!

“Yes, it is the qualifications to enter the final trial.”

Mo Brightmoon’s words confirmed Lin Ming’s speculations.

The young heroic elites of the 33 Heavens would enter the Asura Road, completing all sorts of dangerous missions, venturing into numerous dangerous situations filled with perils, collect complete sets of god runes, and fulfill conditions required by the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao. All of this was to struggle for the qualifications to enter the final trial.

And, the Asura Road’s final trial was left behind by the Asura Road Master. Through this smelting trial, one would obtain rewards from the Asura Road’s Heavenly Dao.

However, the difficulty of this final trial was above and beyond all imagination. Wanting to complete it was impossibly difficult.

When Lin Ming had asked Soulwhite about the final trial, he had said that in the last 100 million years, there were only two people who had completed the final trial with a score above 80%. One of these was a saint race martial artist and the other was a soul race martial artist; one man, and one woman.

The saint martial artist was Lin Ming’s great enemy – the Good Fortune Saint Son Wumo. He had completed the final trial with an 81% score!

As for that spiritas woman, she was even more terrifying. She had completed the final trial with an 83% score!

This was the highest record for the last 100 million years!


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