MW Chapter 1590

Chapter 1590 – Hard to Believe

“Mm? What did you say?” Mo Brightmoon froze for a moment. She didn’t understand what Lin Ming meant. “‘You might not need to worry about that anymore?’”

As Mo Brightmoon spoke, she looked at Lin Ming, puzzled. According to Lin Ming, he and Mo Eversnow were partners that trusted each other with their lives. If Mo Eversnow had an enmity she had to avenge, Lin Ming wouldn’t sit by and do nothing.

Mo Brightmoon looked at Lin Ming, waiting for his explanation.

Lin Ming thought about his words for a moment. Although he felt this was ridiculous to say, Mo Brightmoon should still believe him. But it might take her some time to accept it…

He paused for a while to give Mo Brightmoon enough time to prepare her mind. Then, he slowly said, “Well… the truth is that Tian Mingzi has already died.”


Mo Brightmoon shot up, even nearly knocking over the pot of fog rain tea.

“You said… that Tian Mingzi has died!?”

Mo Brightmoon stared at Lin Ming, great waves roiling in her heart!

For all these years, Tian Mingzi was a great mountain that constantly pressed on her. Her joining an assassin organization was all in order to temper...

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