MW Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589 – Blood Moon’s Identity

Lin Ming had long felt it was strange. A cultivation method manual on the level of the Celestial Tyrant Manual was unique; only a single copy existed. If one wanted to copy it then they would need to practice the Celestial Tyrant Manual to perfection like the creator themselves had.

In this sort of situation, the creator would need to spend many years and a great deal of energy to make a copy.

There were extremely few people able to achieve this point, especially since the Celestial Tyrant Manual was so difficult to cultivate.

If there really was someone capable of making a copy of the Celestial Tyrant Manual then that was likely from some time before 3.6 billion years ago.

For this cultivation method to be found within the Divine Realm as well as by Blood Moon in the Asura Road, and for the two versions to supplement each other, that was far too great a coincidence.

Although Lin Ming had his suspicions, he had only just met Blood Moon and didn’t know her at all. Anything that involved the Celestial Tyrant Manual likely involved some secret of hers, thus she wouldn’t reveal that to others. It was only now that Lin Ming was slightly closer to Blood Moon that he asked her.

However, Lin Ming didn’t think that after he asked this question, Blood...

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