MW Chapter 1587

Chapter 1587 – To Admit Defeat

“Greetings, Empress.”

Eunuch Wei slightly bowed as he set down on the floor.

His words were peaceful with a hint of true essence poured into them. This true essence rushed into Empress Naye’s body like a cool wind, making the pain wracking her body feel much better.

Within the Marvel Blue Nation, besides the Marvel Blue Emperor, there were three other World Kings. The Grand Marshal was in charge of the military, the Imperial Scholar was in charge of political affairs, and Great Chief Eunuch Wei was in charge of internal affairs and national resources. This included managing blue snow gold, the various heavenly materials, assigning resources, expenses of the imperial palace, and even the daily matters of tens of thousands of maids and eunuchs in the imperial palace. All of this was within Eunuch Wei’s hands. He could be said to have tremendous power and influence.

Although this type of character had to greet the Empress based upon court etiquette, the truth was that within the Marvel Blue Nation, his status was faintly above that of the Empress.

This was the world of martial artists in which strength ruled supreme. In the world of martial artists, even if one founded...

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