MW Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586 – Imperial Palace’s Great Chief Eunuch

Of the three major source powers, none of them were a trifling matter.

Grandmist energy – the source of matter.

Genesis energy – the source of energy.

Spirit source – the source of soul.

When these three source powers were unified, they formed essence, energy, and divine!

In the past, it was because Lin Ming lacked spirit source that Divine Dream didn’t allow Lin Ming to study the Divine Dream Law.

Each one of the three major source powers was incomparably precious. The reason that Lin Ming was able to possess so much grandmist energy was because he inherited it from Empyrean Primordius. By himself, it would have been impossible to obtain it. This was because grandmist energy had almost completely disappeared after the forming of the universe. It was said that grandmist energy still existed in black holes, but black holes were celestial bodies where the gravitational force reached such an extreme that it created a force field around itself, an absolutely separate space. Even an Empyrean couldn’t enter one!


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