MW Chapter 1585

Chapter 1585 – Fighting White Sky

Raging flames surged about and waves of heat howled through the air. A sun seemed to ignite within Xiao Moxian’s body.

In that moment, from behind Xiao Moxian, a massive black phoenix phantom soared into the air. This phoenix phantom was also wrapped in flames and the moment it appeared, the vault of Arid Peace Palace began to be scorched away. The carvings and paintings that decorated the palace began to melt into the walls.

White Sky never imagined that this sort of change would occur just as he was about to capture Xiao Moxian. This young girl with her low cultivation was actually able to burst out with such a terrifying strength!

“Counterforce – Heaven Absorbing Demon Art!”

Xiao Moxian drew her whip and slashed it outwards. This whip burned with flames. At the same time, the dark power within the Heaven Absorbing Demon Art erupted out, swallowing the void and locking White Sky in a thick and viscous darkness!

“Concept of Darkness sixth level! Concept of Fire seventh level!”

White Sky sucked in a cold breath. This common-looking young woman had actually achieved such horrifying attainments in the Fire and Darkness Laws!

White Sky’s short sword thrust out. In this moment White Sky...

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