MW Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584 – Blood Splashing Through Arid Peace Palace

When Old Su introduced Lin Ming to Blood Moon, she had also learned about his approximate age, talent, and skill in the divine runic arts.

Although Blood Moon was stunned, being stunned was useless because she felt that Lin Ming wouldn’t be able to help her; he was simply far too young.

What Blood Moon really cared about was Lin Ming’s master, but when she asked Old Su about Lin Ming’s master, Old Su hadn’t been able to tell her anything at all. Thus, that was the reason why Blood Moon invited Lin Ming for a conversation. But as a result, she didn’t have much hope that she would be able to build a relationship with Lin Ming’s master because her level was simply far too low.

White Sky thought that Lin Ming was a World King camouflaged as a Divine Lord realm martial artist. But, Blood Moon knew the truth about Lin Ming’s cultivation as well as his skeletal age when he entered Divine Rune City!

Let alone that faking his skeletal age was far more difficult, there was simply no reason for Lin Ming to do so. What advantage would there be in hiding his unparalleled talent?

Before sixty years of age, Lin Ming had such an abnormal combat strength and he also managed to find...

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