MW Chapter 1583

Chapter 1583 – Life Seizing Jade Talisman

Like this, Lin Ming used the Phoenix Blood Spear to pierce through Eunuch Sun and pick him up, just as if he were picking up a dog.

Eunuch Sun had yet to die. His hands gripped the spear as he struggled with all his might. His legs kicked out in desperation and his throat sent out gurgling sounds of pain. However, because his vocal cords were torn apart and his throat was destroyed, he wasn’t able to make any coherent sounds at all. All he could do was struggle in agonizing pain.

A massive amount of blood leaked out from the hole in his throat like the water of a dam that had broken free. Eunuch Sun could feel his life rapidly passing away!

He never thought that he would experience such a day. He had been pierced through the throat by someone’s spear and picked up, his life rapidly fading without even being able to make a single sound!

This sudden scene stunned everyone present. All of the young eunuchs and maids that followed Lin Ming here from Full Moon Hall stared at him with wide eyes. Although their cultivation wasn’t high, they fully understood just how terrifying Eunuch Sun was!

Eunuch Sun was one of the chief court eunuchs of the entire imperial palace, and amongst the chief court...

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