MW Chapter 1582

Chapter 1582 – Assassin White Sky

As Blood Moon saw the masked man appear, her complexion turned grim. He was the same as Blood Moon in that both of them covered up their cultivations with secret techniques, making it so that one couldn’t see what level his cultivation boundary was at. In addition, his black and white mask was able to isolate out all senses so that no one could uncover anything about him at all.

This was a frequently used tactic of Heaven’s Net.  

“Who is that?” Lin Ming asked with a true essence sound transmission.

“One of the three leaders of Heaven’s Net, White Sky, a World King powerhouse!”

Blood Moon replied, her eyes fixed on White Sky.

“World King…”

Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. He wasn’t surprised by White Sky’s cultivation boundary at all. Heaven’s Net was similar to the Marvel Blue Nation; both could be considered peak World King Holy Lands. And, the big boss of Heaven’s Net was likely a Great World King whereas the other leaders were ordinary World Kings.

Blood Moon herself was in truth at the early World King boundary. Amongst World King powerhouses, she was on the weaker end of the spectrum. The White Sky in front of her was similar to her.

But at this time, Blood Moon’s situation wasn’t good to begin with. White Sky’s appearance...

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