MW Chapter 1582

Chapter 1582 – Assassin White Sky

As Blood Moon saw the masked man appear, her complexion turned grim. He was the same as Blood Moon in that both of them covered up their cultivations with secret techniques, making it so that one couldn’t see what level his cultivation boundary was at. In addition, his black and white mask was able to isolate out all senses so that no one could uncover anything about him at all.

This was a frequently used tactic of Heaven’s Net.  

“Who is that?” Lin Ming asked with a true essence sound transmission.

“One of the three leaders of Heaven’s Net, White Sky, a World King powerhouse!”

Blood Moon replied, her eyes fixed on White Sky.

“World King…”

Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. He wasn’t surprised by White Sky’s cultivation boundary at all. Heaven’s Net was similar to the Marvel Blue Nation; both could be considered peak World King Holy Lands. And, the big boss of Heaven’s Net was likely a Great World King whereas the other leaders were ordinary World Kings.

Blood Moon herself was in truth at the early World King boundary. Amongst World King powerhouses, she was on the weaker end of the spectrum. The White Sky in front of her was similar to her.

But at this time, Blood Moon’s situation wasn’t good to begin with. White Sky’s appearance had suddenly brought about a massive crisis!

Facing White Sky, Blood Moon sneered and said, “I never thought you would chase me all the way here. In order to hunt me down you’ve involved yourself in the struggle for the Marvel Blue Nation’s throne?”

Empress Naye suddenly laughed out loud, “Imperial Concubine Moon… or, perhaps it’s better if I call you Blood Moon! Did you think that only Lord Snow would be able to invite people from Heaven’s Net, but I could not? The ones I bring are even stronger than you!”

As Naye spoke, she sat back upon her empress throne. Her expression turned idle and bored once again, as if everything was in her control.

At the start she hadn’t known what Blood Moon’s true identity was; it was Heaven’s Net that had approached her on their own initiative. They wanted to join in on the struggle for the throne, and their goal in all of this was Blood Moon.

This was a naturally happy occurrence for both sides. Thus, all of that led to Empress Naye summoning Blood Moon today.

She had already made all of her preparations in order to place Blood Moon in a death trap.

White Sky looked at Blood Moon from beneath the eye holes in his mask. His voice was indifferent as he said, “Blood Moon, if you thought you could find protection in the Marvel Blue Imperial Palace, then you were wrong to indulge in such whimsical fancies. If you can involve yourself in the struggle for the throne, then so can we! I know that you’re aware of what I’ve come here for. Is the item that Big Boss left behind in your hands? As long as you hand it over, I will not kill you! You and I are from the same organization so I naturally have some sentiment towards my fellow comrades. I don’t even care about the matters of authority in Heaven’s Net because none of it concerns me at all. If you want to leave and take someone with you then I won’t stop you.”

White Sky didn’t conceal his goal at all, nor did he care about the presence of the Empress or the others. His voice was harsh, bringing with it a faint killing intent that was forceful and aggressive.

As Lin Ming heard this, his thoughts stirred. Something that the Big Boss had left behind?

He originally found it strange that there would be an internal power struggle within Heaven’s Net. Lin Ming thought it was because they were competing for authority, but now it seemed that the original cause was some sort of treasure!

If this was a treasure that could cause a bloodbath among the high level figures of Heaven’s Net, then this must be something extraordinary!

“What you want is not in my hands!”

Blood Moon had no intention of bargaining for her life. She pointed her sword straight at White Sky’s throat.

Seeing this, White Sky chuckled, his laugh grating to the ears. “I thought you would give such a response, otherwise it wouldn’t be you at all. But, look around you, do you still think you can win in this situation?”

As the gray-robed man spoke, he took out a short sword from his spatial ring. This sword was two feet long without a hand guard. Moreover, the hilt was extremely short, just two inches long, making it difficult for an adult male to hold.

The short sword was deep blue and the blade as thin as paper. Without a doubt, this short sword could display one’s speed to the limit!

“Blood Moon, it seems that you are going to die here today. What a pity that your arrogance and pride have doomed you, it is truly regretful. In the past, Big Boss also greatly appreciated you.”

White Sky’s voice was cold and indifferent. His white and black mask was blank and without expression, but those two lines that ran down from the base of his eyes seemed even fiercer than they were before.

“Leave Blood Moon for me to deal with! You can all manage the rest of these underlings!”

White Sky’s focus had already locked onto Blood Moon. As for Empress Naye, she quietly sat back on her throne and gently waved her hand. Eunuch Sun understood this order, and led the remaining 15 old maids and eunuchs to surround Lin Ming, Xiao Moxian, and Eunuch Liang.

Even the young eunuchs and young maids that followed Blood Moon were surrounded.

The young maid that brought washing water to Lin Ming and Xiao Moxian was already pale with fear. She had guessed that there would be nothing good coming from the Empress’ summons, but she never thought that matters would develop to this stage. The two sides were actually going to fight in Arid Peace Palace, with life and death on the line!

These young maids were well aware that if Blood Moon was defeated, they would be buried along with her. To the Empress, killing them was no different from slaughtering chickens or dogs!

And in the current situation, it seemed impossible for Blood Moon to win. Even if she could escape by herself, the young maids and eunuchs she left behind would be brutally beaten to death!

“Haha! Eunuch Liang, I never thought there would be such a day between you and me… a smart bird knows which tree to nest in. If you regret your decision, there is still time for you. I can plead sympathy for you to the Empress and perhaps the Empress will allow you to keep your cheap life.”

Eunuch Sun flicked his yellow eunuch robes, the smile of a victor on his face. As he looked at Eunuch Liang, his eyes were the same as if he were looking at a pitiful worm.

Facing such an arrogant Eunuch Sun, Eunuch Liang’s face darkened. There was no hope that he would obtain any form of safety if he voluntarily surrendered.

Currently, he was figuring out just what his chances were that he could safely escape from Arid Peace Palace.

“As well as you…” Eunuch Sun turned towards Lin Ming. “Your talent isn’t too bad. If you are willing to testify against Imperial Concubine Moon and confess to all those shameful activities that occurred between you and her, then the Empress will pardon you of your capital crimes. Perhaps you will even receive her favor and be accepted into the palace as a eunuch. You will have the chance to practice the Sunflower Melody that so many people long for in their dreams.”

Eunuch Sun said, a thoughtful and playful look on his face. Indeed, if the Empress were to get rid of Imperial Concubine Moon today, she would still need a justified reason to do so as well as evidence in order to stop the criticism of others. And, Lin Ming would make the perfect evidence as a witness.

“You want me to testify against Imperial Concubine Moon and practice the Sunflower Melody?” Lin Ming laughed, his laugh filled with reckless mirth.

Eunuch Sun frowned. “What are you laughing about?”

“He’s laughing at how stupid you are.” Xiao Moxian suddenly said, her voice clear and loud, attracting the eyes of everyone present. “A dumb old turtle like you has slaved their life away as a minion and yet you can still feel superior to anyone? Look at the disgusting thing you’ve become. You don’t seem like a ghost or a person. Is it possible that you think everyone in this world wants to be like you?”

As Xiao Moxian spoke, she smiled with glee as if she didn’t care at all for the tense atmosphere around her.

And, her actions naturally enraged Eunuch Sun!

He had already been mocked by Xiao Moxian and had been called inferior to castrated horses and donkeys. Now he was being mocked yet again!

“You little whore, you seem to have forgotten what I’ve said. In the palace, we have the greatest forms of torture. Do you know what a wooden horse is? First we will cripple your cultivation and turn you back into a mortal. Then, we will strip you of all your clothing and make you ride the wooden horse down the streets. And, this wooden horse has all sorts of trap devices. Once you’ve understood their exquisite pain, you’ll know what it means to wish for death, hahaha…”

Eunuch Sun queerly cackled. A wooden horse was the most brutal form of punishment that a mortal palace could pass down to a woman. There was a wooden pillar on the wooden horse, and this pillar would expand up and down, ruthlessly destroying a woman’s body from the inside. Many times, the person riding the wooden horse would be tortured to death. It was an extremely cruel and barbaric form of punishment.

And in the world of martial artists, the wooden horse was formed by thorn hardwood that was tens of thousands of years old. This wood was as hard as divine iron, and with the female martial artist having their cultivation wasted away, they would equally die a miserable death from suffering.

As Eunuch Sun said such sinister and malicious words, Lin Ming’s complexion turned icy cold. His eyes burst out with blazing killing intent.

Eunuch Sun cackled once more. He simply didn’t place an early Divine Lord junior’s killing intent in his eyes. To him, this was the same as a praying mantis waving its scythes at a wild tiger.

Just as Eunuch Sun was about to spit out some more perverse words at Lin Ming to cause him to shake in fear, Lin Ming spat out two words – “Go die.”

In that moment, Eunuch Sun only saw Lin Ming’s right hand shoot out, followed by a chilling spear light!

At the same time, a primal and boundless aura covered everyone present. This aura was incomparably heavy, as if a giant mountain was pressing down on them from the sky, making them able to display less than 30% of their strength!

As Eunuch Sun was crushed by this mountain-like weight, he found that even breathing became difficult!

And at this time, Lin Ming moved!

Lin Ming’s velocity reached unimaginable heights. In just a thousandth of the blink of an eye, he arrived right in from of Eunuch Sun, the Phoenix Blood Spear in his hands piercing forwards!


Eunuch Sun was panic-stricken. He never thought that Lin Ming would possess such a terrifying force field that could completely bind his movements!

He desperately resisted this pressure, wanting to block Lin Ming’s strike. At the same time, he opened his mouth to spit out gray flames. He wanted to use these gray flames to force Lin Ming backwards and half his attack.

However, Lin Ming was far too strong. And under the suppression of the grandmist force field, killing Eunuch Sun was as simple as turning his hand!

With a loud cracking sound, the gray flames that Eunuch Sun spat out weren’t even able to stop Lin Ming for a split-second before they were scattered by the Phoenix Blood Spear!

The long spear continued forwards with overwhelming momentum. The cold spear point thrust straight towards Eunuch Sun’s throat!

And at this time, Eunuch Sun’s mouth was still open from spitting out flames. As he saw this spear point nearly stab into his mouth, he was almost frightened to death!

He quickly traced his spatial ring, wanting to take out the divine runic symbol that he saved as his life-saving card. However, Lin Ming’s spear was too fast. Underneath the savage attack of this spear, Eunuch Sun’s protective true essence was pierced through like paper.

The Phoenix Blood Spear stabbed into Eunuch Sun’s mouth, twisting apart his teeth and tongue, penetrating through his throat and exiting through the back of his head, carrying with it a rain of blood!

And at this time, Eunuch Sun no longer had the ability to use the ancient divine runic symbol that he had pulled out. With his throat pierced, the agonizing pain made him want to cry out but he couldn’t make a single sound at all!

This sort of pain was indescribable!

As for Lin Ming, he raised his right hand and strung up Eunuch Sun through his throat with his spear, lifting his entire body up!

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